Refractory gunite machine for lime plant

June 22, 2020

Refractory gunite machine for lime plant

Refractory gunite machine are used for building lime plant, shaft kiln and kiln at limestone units, rotarykiln in cement plants, boiler in thermal power stations, all of other type stoves and drying rooms in a different industrial plants.

one set of refractory gunning machine

Wodetec is one of few supplier and manufacturer in the region which for years produces refractory gunite machine for spraying refractories of industrial furnaces.

gunite machine for lime plant

Our refractory gunite machines are widely used in spray lining kilns, boilers, furnaces, steel mills, cement plants, degassing furnace linings and other refractory materials. Fire-resistant sands sprayers are used for thermal and cold repair of vacuum degassing furnace linings. This can be achieved by spraying the refractory mixture in a highly advanced manner onto the inner and outer surfaces. This can be done automatically or manually and by two fire-resistant spray guns.


refractory gunite machine for lime plant

Recently, a custom variable-output dry-spray refractory gunite machine was sent to customers. The fire-resistant spray machine is based on our ordinary sprayer. In this machine, an ABB inverter is added for speed control. A dust bag has been added to save material. Add a pre-wetting nozzle and add some water to the nozzle to reduce rebound, reduce dust, reduce additive water and improve the density and strength of refractory materials. This customized variable-output dry-spray refractory machine has been well received by many customers and has received good feedback.

When using our gunite machine for lime plant, just add water to the nozzle. The refractory gunite machine is equipped with high-pressure water pumps for atomization in high-pressure water and nozzles. At the same time, refractory gunite machines are equipped with new pre-damp nozzle components that have a lower rebound rate and less dust than other ordinary nozzles, reducing water levels. The output of the refractory gunite machine equipped with ABB inverters can be adjusted to the customer's project requirements.


shotcrete machine for lime plant

OEM refractory gunite machine for lime plant has the following features:
1. With stirring, transport, injection function of the anti-glue gun machine.
2. The quality of concrete is good, the construction speed is fast, the work is labor-saving.
3. Spray guns for metallurgical and industrial furnaces, widely used in steel mills.
4. Fire-resistant spray gun machine is a modeling product, good quality, rotary disk, PCB, firearms and other accessories durable and fragile.

refractory machine for lime plant

Today, for refractory repairers, we have electric refractory gunite machines and full-pneumatic refractory gunite machines. No matter which type of refractory gunite machines an air compressor to provide compressed air.
Full-pneumatic refractory gunite machines do not require any power supply and are suitable for use in remote workplaces. Most customers operate at different voltages than we do, and we can customize the right voltage motors to meet our needs.

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