Bentonite mixer pump for sale

June 18, 2020

Bentonite mixer pump for sale

The bentonite mixing pumps are primarily designed for the mixing and pumping of bentonite and polymers and are used as lubricants for micro-tunnel and top tube construction, and we offer complete systems including mixers, tanks and injection pumps to meet a wide range of requirements.

Bentonite mixer pumps for sale are equipped with a proven colloid mixer that produces a very stable product that prevents water separation and maintains longer lubrication performance during injection. Other combinations of mixers and pumps can be combined to meet most requirements.

bentonite mixer pump for sale

The bentonite mixer pump has the following advantages:
1. Continuous output, small pulse or kickor or convulsion;
2. The pressure and flow of the injection can be adjusted without stage;
3. High-speed vortex mixers ensure a uniform and fast mixing;
4. Grouting mixer and agitator switch using extrusion handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable;
5. The motor has overload protection function;
6. The hydraulic system has the protection of overheating of oil temperature;
7. Spare parts ensure low machine maintenance costs;
In short, the bentonite mixing and pumping plant has the characteristics of simple structure, compact size, light weight, easy to maintain and so on.

Therefore, please contact us immediately to purchase a bentonite mixer pump suitable for mixing and pumping bent on-theground slurry.

bentonite mixer pump

If you don't know which grout machine is right for your project, please help us confirm the following:
1. What pressure do you need?
2. What process do you need?
3. You want a bentonite mixer pump with a motor or a diesel engine if you want to bring a motor to the filling pump frying pan.
If you don't know the answer to your question, and don't worry, we also has its own technical team and research and development capabilities, please send us your project requirements for the bentonite grout mixing pump and we will recommend that you select the right type or design the right bentonite grout pump according to your requirements.

bentonite mixing and pumping plant

Therefore, there are any questions or requirements for the bentonite grout mixing pump, please contact us immediately, once the detailed needs for the bentonite grout mixing pump, will provide you with a better solution in the first place.
Contact us today for more information about your mixing and pumping bentonite business!

Send your answers and requests to for the better type and best price.

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