Concrete shotcrete machine manufacturers

June 24, 2020

Concrete shotcrete machine manufacturers

Wodetec concrete shotcrete machine is concrete shotcrete machine manufacturers and suppliers, and designed and manufactured as the CE safety standard, is a very excellent concrete shotcrete machine manufacturer. Concrete shotcrete machine is equipped with the brand unit of liquid accelerator, mainly applied for dry and wet mix concreting.


concrete shotcrete machine manufacturers

Wodetec has been exported the construction concrete shotcrete machine to overseas for many years. Based on its excellent work principle and quality, it got the satisfaction of its users in China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Middle America, etc.

For years, Wodetec has exported concrete shotcrete machine overseas. Based on its excellent working principle and quality, it has been satisfied with users in Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Middle America, etc.


shotcrete concrete machine

Wodetec concrete shotcrete machine is widely used in road slope protection, civil underground foundation, spray swimming pool, tunnel, mining operations, hydropower engineering, slurry walls, retaining walls and so on.


concrete shotcrete machine supplier


Characteristics of Wodetec concrete shotcrete machine:
1. Dust-removal slurry machine obtained invention patents and utility model patents. The machine structure and nozzle have been a big breakthrough.
2. New environmental lysing machine, less pollution (less than 90 percent of traditional mechanical dust pollution).
3. New nozzle device, concrete stirring is even, the rebound rate is low.
4. Automatic, uniform addition of promoters, save operators, compact machine structure, simple operation, suitable for the narrow space of concrete work.
5. In order to meet the requirements of Article 653 of the new National Coal Mine Safety Regulations: "When spraying concrete, a wet spray or a wet spray shall be used and a dust removal device shall be provided to remove dust from the inlet and residues.


shotcrete machine manufacturers


From the perspective of sustainable development, many advantages of concrete shotcrete machine technology are particularly obvious.  Unlike many sustainability claims based on political or social ideals, which are often difficult to quantify and prove, the sustainability advantages of concrete shotcrete machine technology directly and positively affect the economic aspects of the project, keeping consistent with traditional business decisions (such as materials), saving labor, time and improving quality.


shotcrete machine for slope protection

In addition to the following "Top Ten" sustainability advantages of sprayed concrete, we also provide a lot of information about this topic.
1. Compared with the traditional cast-in-place construction, 50% to 100% templates can be saved;
2. The template need not be designed for internal pressure;
3. Complex shapes require few templates;
4. Savings or cancellation of cranes and other equipment;
5. Save at least 50% of labor in maintenance applications;
6. The new construction speed is saved by 33% to 50%;
7. Maintenance speed reduces or eliminates downtime;
8. Better adhesion with base material, enhancing durability;
9. Suitable for repairing surfaces that is not cost-effective by other processes;
10. Access to confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas, including elevated and underground;
11. Application method–dry mixing or wet mixing process.


concrete shotcrete machine accessories

Innovative of concrete shotcrete machine:
1. The upper and lower overflow gas and rotor friction sheet leak collection and output device to prevent dust outflow.
2. The use of new dust removal technology and filter materials, good filtration effect, long service life.
3. Drawer-style soot box, easy to clean.
4. Multi-layer ring sprinkler system to ensure uniform mixing.
5. Promote agent vibration, fine-tuning, to ensure the addition of proportions.

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