Grout plant for dam and hydropower plant

June 29, 2020

Grout plant for dam and hydropower plant

Wodetec Equipment is already in grouting plant research, development and production for more than 20 years. Some of our engineers in this field are more than 25 years.

grout plant for dam

Wodetec grout plant is a specifically developed compact grout plant for mixing and grouting for dam and hydropower plant sites. The compact grout plant is particularly suitable for mixing and pumping of bentonite and cement slurries. In automatic operation the grout plant can automatically produce suspensions according to stored formulas, pumps them into the agitator tank and stores them for the injection pump.

For bentonite and water mud, our knowledge of grouting and mixing gives you the advice you need to complete the job at hand. Our one-stop service center provides you with mixing, storage and pumping equipment. Most compact grouting plant is equipped with mixing tanks and grouting pumps to make your grout and filling work easier.


grout plant for hydropower plant

The grout plant usually varies depending on the grout flow and the grout pressure. Other data, such as power (electric power grout machines are usually cheaper than diesel engine grout plant equipment at the same flow and at the same pressure). Of course, the brand and quality of the main components also affect the price.

The bentonite grout mixing pump has the following advantages:
1. Continuous output, small pulses, kicks or twitching.
2. The grout pressure and flow of grout plant can be adjusted without stage.
3. The three high-speed vortex mixers ensure a uniform and fast blend.
4. Grouting mixer and agitator switch using extrusion handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
5. Electric motors with overload protection.
6. The hydraulic system has the protection of overheating of oil temperature.
7. Less spare parts make sure the machine with low maintenance costs.

The compact grout plant is used for:
- Sealing, clearance, contact and stable grouting.
- Anchor injection, ground stability, rock injection.
- Drilling mud.
-Spray slurry, arched water injection, sole stability.
- Filling cavity.
- Microtunnels.
- Micro-pile.


grout mxing plant for dam


Application for our compact grout mixing plant:
1. Civil engineering - dams, tunnels, subways, mines, earth nail walls, curtains, anchors, cable ditches and anchor slurry.
2. Engineering - Underwater Foundation, Offshore Platform, Coastal Foundation Grout Reinforcement.
3. Structure - building and bridge maintenance, foundation reinforcement, slope support, soil compaction, magma grout.
4. Mine application - roadway reinforcement, backfilling, waterproof grout.

hydraulic grout station

If you don't know which type grout plant for is suitable for your dam and hydropower plant project, please help us to confirm the following points:
1. What is the flow and pressure of the pump do you demands?
2. The water and cement ratio, does any sand in?
3. About the power: electric (voltage and frequency) or diesel grout plant you need?


Grout plant for dam and hydropower plant

Portable grout plant could be customized according to your flow, pressure and power request. So it could meet different projects request. If you want to know more information about portable grout plant price, please email us:

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