High speed cement grout mixer for sale

May 12, 2020
High speed cement grout mixer for sale
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The high-speed cement slurry mixer sold by WODETEC is a special pulping equipment developed for grouting materials with low water-to-binder ratio. It is mainly used in hydropower, railway, highway, construction, mining and other industries for the construction of grouting or grouting agent, cement It can be quickly made into slurry after mixing with water. Compared with the general blade mixer, it has the characteristics of high pulping efficiency, easy operation, uniform slurry, and short-distance conveying function.
  high speed cement grout mixer
The working principle of the high-speed cement slurry mixer is that the motor drives the high-speed turbo pump. The slurry is sucked into the vortex from the bottom and sprayed from the upper end of the barrel to produce a high-speed liquid flow, and a strong vortex is formed in the barrel. The purpose of preparing low water-to-binder ratio slurry
High speed cement grout mixer for sale
Instructions for use of high-speed cement slurry mixer:
1. Check that the mixing impeller is turned correctly to ensure that the slurry discharge pipe is not leaking;
2. Add an appropriate amount of water, turn on the equipment to clean and moisten the pulp bucket and pipeline, and after the cleaning is completed, release the water in the pulp machine;
3. Add water not less than 80Kg, turn on the pulper, add the powder evenly according to the prescribed order, control the feeding time at 5 ~ 6 minutes, after all the powder is added, continue to stir for 3 ~ 5 minutes;
4. Transfer the prepared slurry into the slurry storage barrel to maintain dynamic slurry storage;
5. After connecting the pipeline of the pulp press to the slurry storage barrel, or directly transported from the pulp press to the hopper of the pulp press, the press will start;
6. Immediately after the completion of grouting, clean the equipment and pipelines, and turn on the pulper, so that the remaining cement slurry in the pulper and pipelines can be circulated and eliminated.
7. When the equipment is cleaned, the residual cement slurry must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the residual agglomeration, which will cause the equipment to malfunction during the next use. After cleaning the equipment, fill the grease hole with grease to increase the seal life of the drive assembly.
high speed cement grout mixer for sale
If the high-speed cement slurry mixer produced by WODETEC can help you, or you do not know much about the project, please contact us, our email is: sales@wodetec.com

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