Gunning machine for concrete application

May 16, 2020

Gunning machine for concrete application

Gunning machine is used for spraying concrete, It can be used as well for small jobs, such as joint filling, swimming pool, refractory application and extensive slope consolidation work, etc. project.

Depending on the spraying process, the gunning concrete machine is divided into dry mix gunning machine and wet mix gunning machine. With a dry spray gun, the material discharges up to 5% of the water from the machine and then sends the material into the nozzle assembly through airflow, where the required water (usually 5-10%) is added. In a wet-spray concrete machine, the gun material is pre-wetted with water in the blender and pumped through a hose through a eccentric screw or piston pump. At the end of the production line, the material is dispersed with compressed air and, if necessary, an additional liquid bonding/hardening agent can be added (shotcreting), usually need add accelerator.

dry gunning machine

dry mix process shotcrete

Dry mix gunning machines are commonly used for outdoor engineering, such as bridge maintenance, swimming pools, slope protection, etc. Wet mix gunning machine is widely used in indoor engineering, such as mining, tunnel, subway and other projects. Compared with dry mixers, wet mix gunning machines are mostly used in more important projects, with less dust, low rebounding rate and high spraying intensity. Regardless of the jet concrete machine, an air compressor is required to provide compressed air.

wet gunning machine

wet mix process shotcrete

Wodetec gunning machine is designed to be portable, easy to use and, most importantly, affordable. Our gunning machine is affordable, easy to use and maintain, and is an essential tool for your construction company. You don't need skilled workers to do the job, even if you don't have a skilled worker to operate this portable jet of concrete right away.

gunning machine for concrete application

If you want a gunning machine price, so please let us know the following question:
1. What's the project you will use the gunning machine for concrete do, for slope protect, or other?
2. Do you need dry-mix gunning machine or wet-mix gunning machine?
3. What's the output you need, 3m3/h, 5m3/h, 9m3/h, or other?
4. What's the maximum particle size of the material, less than 10mm, 15mm, or 20mm?
5. About the gunning machine engine, do you need air motor, electric motor or diesel engine, if you like the electric motor, voltage 3 phase, 380 V, 50 HZ is ok
for you?
6. Which port do you need we send the machine to?
7. What is the price you need, CIF or FOB price?

gunning machine accessories

If you have some project need wet gunning machine or dry gunning machine, please contact us without any hesitation, once confirm the detailed needs on the gunning machine, better solution will be offered to you at first time. Contact us now for more information for your gunning business now!!

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