China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturers

May 11, 2020

China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturers

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Wodetec is China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturer, now we have developed a full range of concrete shotcrete machine.

China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturers


Wodetec China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturer develops dry-mixed shotcrete machine and wet-mixed shotcrete machine according to different spraying processes, with output ranging from 1.5m3/h to 9m3/h. When using dry spray gun, the water discharged from the material The maximum is 5%, and then the material is fed into the nozzle assembly by air flow, and the required water is added to it (usually 5-10%). In the wet shotcrete machine, the spray gun material is wetted with water in the mixer in advance, and then pumped through the hose through the eccentric screw or piston pump. At the end of the production line, the material is dispersed by compressed air. If necessary, additional liquid bonding / hardening agent (shotcrete) can be added, usually adding an accelerator. Wet shotcrete technology Dry shotcrete technology is usually used for dry-mixed shotcrete machines in outdoor projects, such as bridge maintenance, swimming pools, slope protection, etc. Wet mixing shotcrete machine is widely used in indoor engineering, such as mining, tunnel, subway and other projects. Compared with dry-mixing spraying machines, wet-mixing spraying machines are mostly used for more important projects, with less dust, low rebound rate and high spraying strength. No matter what kind of spraying machine, an air compressor is needed to provide compressed air.

Dry-Mix Shotcrete Machine

Concrete shotcrete machine is driven by electric or diesel, and in order to solve the problem of power inconvenience, especially in some remote areas without local power tunnel spraying work, Wodetec China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturer innovatively developed a pneumatic motor driven concrete shotcrete machine. Pneumatic concrete shotcrete machine does not directly use power, but uses coal mine compressed air, so it can solve all problems. Compared with other series of concrete shotcrete machines, pneumatic concrete shotcrete machines reduce the trouble of complicated preparation and content maintenance equipment, save working time, extend the actual spraying working time, and improve work efficiency.

dry mix air motor shotcrete machine

Wodetec China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturer equips different concrete shotcrete machines with different delivery hoses to spray concrete with different output or capacity. Usually according to the different ID of the sprayed concrete hose, there are ID38mm, ID50mm and ID64mm delivery hoses to choose from. The length of each hose or coil is 15m. Wodetec provides customers with high-quality blasting conveying hoses, especially in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Qatar, Jordan, UAE and many other countries.

With years of experience, Wodetec China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturer has established its own R&D and technical team to provide customers with further development and customization services. We strictly control the quality of concrete shotcrete machine in the whole process, and passed ISO9001: 2008, CE and SGS certification.
Our concrete shotcrete machine has been exported to the United States, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Bahrain and Nepal. Although, Wodetec China concrete shotcrete machine manufacturer is not as famous as some foreign brands, but the quality of our spray gun machine is guaranteed, and it can make users feel safe during use.

China shotcrete machine manufacturers

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