China famous brand grout mixing plant

January 29, 2021

Wodetec has many independent intellectual property rights. Based on continuous technological innovation, the design and production capacity of the grouting pump has reached international standards. Has been recognized and trusted by customers.

 China famous brand grout mixing plant

WGP400/80PL-E compact grouting unit is a combination of grout mixer and grout pump in one base frame. The compact grouting unit is a very versatile and efficient type of equipment. Grout mixer on the high pressure grout machine produced by us, it is high speed type. The grouting mixture should always be of very high quality. With an experienced operator the cycle of charging, mixing and discharging the batch can be kept down to one minute. It is also high shear type. With fast mixing speed 1450rpm, the high rate of shear results in a mix that is fluid and stable enough to be pumped over considerable distances, and which will permeate uniformly into voids. Grout mixer pump flow and pressure are designed based on the projects request.

 China famous brand grout mixing plant

WGP400/80PL-E compact grout plant is mainly used to be made bentonite slurry, cement slurry, etc., in the application highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining and other ground and underground construction.

1. Up to 5mm particle size.

2. Grouting pressure and displacement of this compact grouting unit is adjustable.

3. Compact grout plant is easy to operate and maintain.

4. The vertically plunger pump is a universal application for grouting.

5. The function switch between mixer and grout pump is realized by using squeeze switch.

 China famous brand grout mixing plant

WODETEC has many years of experience in customizing machinery for customers, and we will meet any requirements of your project for grout mixer and pump. If you have any questions or requirements about our cement grouting pump, please contact us in time.

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