Big capacity cement grout mixer for Singapore

January 28, 2021
Big capacity cement grout mixer for Singapore
The big capacity cement grout mixer is independently researched and developed by us. After many on-site use and continuous improvement, the cement grout mixer for Singapore is special equipment for slurry preparation. Singapore cement grout mixer is mainly used in engineering construction in hydropower, railway, transportation, construction, mining and other industries. Mix cement, bentonite, etc. with water and its additives and quickly make slurry. The machine uses high-speed impeller and vortex to make slurry. Compared with ordinary low-speed blade mixers, it has the characteristics of fast slurry making and uniform slurry mixing.
cement grout mixer for Singapore
The big cement grout mixer Singapore is mainly used to mix and prepare cement slurry and other similar slurries that need to be strongly mixed in advance. It is used with the grouting machine for railway and road construction, mining, water and electricity. Pressure grouting for construction, insulation and waterproofing, and construction foundation pouring.
The big capacity cement grout mixer is special equipment for rapid preparation of grout in grouting engineering. The cement grout mixer for Singapore not only makes high-efficiency pulp, but also has certain pulp-feeding capacity. The high-speed centrifugal pump impeller rotates to generate a high-speed liquid flow, which forms a strong vortex in the slurry making body, so that the material can be fully and uniformly stirred, and the slurry can be quickly made into slurry. It is mainly used to provide grout for grouting construction of water conservancy, railways, highways, bridges, buildings, mines and underground projects.
When we use the big cement grout mixer Singapore, we should pay attention to the following:
1. Check that the rotation of the mixing impeller is correct to ensure that the slurry pipe does not leak;
2. Add an appropriate amount of water, turn on the equipment to clean and wet the pulping barrel and pipeline, after cleaning, discharge the water in the pulping machine;
3. Add water not less than 80Kg, turn on the pulping machine, add the powder materials uniformly in the specified order, control the feeding time within 5-6 minutes, after all the powder materials are added, continue to stir for 3~5 minutes;
4. Transport the prepared slurry into the slurry storage tank to maintain dynamic slurry storage;
5. After connecting the slurry press pipeline to the slurry storage bucket, or directly transport the slurry machine to the hopper of the slurry press, start squeezing;
6. Clean the equipment and pipelines immediately after the squeezing is completed, and turn on the pulping machine so that the remaining cement slurry in the pulping machine and pipelines is circulated and eliminated.
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