Hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia

2021-12-22 15:24:54

Hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia also used for large-scale spraying projects such as highway construction, railroad construction, river embankments and gardens, as well as vegetation such as mine vegetation restoration and farmland return to forests. The hydroseeder machine for slope protection is also suitable for the construction of recovery projects,sand control and grass recovery. In addition, high-efficiency hydroseeder machine Malaysia are widely used in areas such as agricultural irrigation, fertilization, pests and diseases, fire emergency response, and environmental hygiene.

 Hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia

The hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia also mixes grass seeds into a grass seed sprayer tank that contains a certain percentage of water, fiber mulch and glue. The hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia transports the mixed liquid slurry to a universal sprinkler and sprays it onto the surface of the soil in which it is sown to form a uniform layer of sorrel seeds. The flocculant granulates the guest soil and the reinforcing fibers are similar. They serve to strengthen the network of plant roots, provide a certain thickness that can withstand rain and wind erosion, and are strong and airy. -Permeable, porous and stable soil structure equal to or better than natural topsoil containing mud.

 Hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia

Features of  hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia:

1. The hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia is widely used in urban greening, highways, railroads, riverbank slopes and ecosystem greening projects. It helps to improve the surrounding environment and protect the ecosystem. The disadvantage is that solid soil has low water retention and is prone to runoff and corrosion. By applying the external scene structure, it is easy to cut corners.

 Hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia

2. The hydroseeder machine for slope protection Malaysia is of high quality, fast and high average germination rate.

3. Construction of slope greening equipment is efficient and quick.

4. Insufficient mixing of materials can lead to soil erosion and groove formation in the early stages.

5. Slope greening equipment products have a good protective effect. Under normal conditions, slope plant coverage reaches over 70% one month after application and can play a role in conservation and greening two months later.

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