Colloidal Grout Mixer Application in Australia

December 28, 2018

Colloidal grout mixer is used in grouting construction to mix slurry specially; the colloidal grout mixer could mix water, cement, bentonite, sand and other additives rapidly. The colloidal grout mixer has wide application in engineering department of water resource and electric power, coal, railway, traffic, construction, mine etc. field.

WMA750-1500E bentonite cement agitator colloidal grout mixer were designed with mixer volume 750L, agitator volume 1500L, was be used for mixing cement slurry fast.

Wodetec also have other colloidal grout mixer for option.

Colloidal Grout Mixer Application in Australia

Where could find suitable colloidal grout mixer?

How to get China Wode Equipment colloidal grout mixer machine price?

In order to offer suitable type and quote the best grout mixer machine price for you soon, please tell us following points in your inquiry.

1. What material will you mixing?

2. What’s the W/C ratio? >0.45:1?

3. What’s the capacity do you need?

4. Would you like the grout mixer machine with electric motor or diesel engine?

If want the colloidal grout mixer with electric motor, what’s the voltage at the worksite, 3 phase, 380v, 50HZ or other?

5. Do you have any requirement on the colloidal grout mixer color?

Colloidal Grout Mixer Application in Australia

Usually our collodial grout mixer is yellow, blue, white, if you want other color,

Also please tell us the color code.

Once confirm the answers of above question, suitable type colloidal grout mixer and the best grout mixer price both will be offered to you at first time.

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