China Wet spraying machine how to works?

2021-12-22 16:18:15

Wet spraying machine is very common in shotcrete machines. I often wonder how it works? What is the difference between wet spray machine and another spraying machinery? This article will focus on equipment of the wet shotcrete machine and customers are most concerned about the China shotcrete machines.

Wet shotcrete machines are countless construction projects in China, dust pollution has plagued human health and the government has always advocated green projects. As a key equipment in many engineering fields, wet spraying machine is widely used in such projects as mines, culverts, foundation pit support and river slope protection. Due to its comprehensive properties, it has the advantages of reducing dust, reducing bounce and saving material.

China Wet spraying machine for sale

Wet spraying machine is suitable for greening of plants where rock, hard soil, sandy soil, barren soil, acid soil, arid zone and coast barrage are difficult to grow. It is used for slope greening of expressways and greening of high-speed railway slopes, green reforestation, ecological restoration, desert control and other projects. Wet spraying machine also used for irrigation, fertilization, spraying pesticides and other daily care. And soil improvement work can be a one-time seeds, fertilizers, soil improvers, seed binders, humectants, soil coverings, straw, yellow earth, red loam, sandy loam, clayey soil and some strong fissures, etc. Soil were mixed organically and the slurry material was uniformly sprayed with large proportion, high concentration and special heavy concentration.

Wet shotcrete machine is used for wet spraying concrete equipment. Compared with dry and tidal spraying machine, it has the advantages of small working dust, less ejection rebound, protecting working environment, saving raw materials, improving spray quality and other significant advantages. And operation maintenance have much convenience. Adopting the working principle of low-pressure and low-velocity swirling airflow delivery and short distance jetting, overcoming the problems of plugging, pulsing and segregation, etc. The shotcrete stream is even and stable. Wet shotcrete machine can improve spray material quality. Wet spray machine advantages than another spraying machinery: it greatly reducing the dust concentration outside the machine and the nozzle, eliminating the hazards to the health of workers. Pump wet spraying machine also operating efficiency up to 10m3/h, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

China Wet spraying machine for sale

Wet shotcrete machines are always low rebound. Using wet spray pump spray wet, the rebound rate can be reduced to below 10%. Wet shotcrete machine’s the water-cement ratio is easy to control and a high degree of hydration of concrete. It can greatly improve the quality of sprayed concrete and improve the uniformity of concrete. In principle, dry spray is mixed with water-free mix well into the shotcrete. Nozzle in the water, spray under the pressure of the wind. Wet shotcrete is mixed with water after mixing into the shotcrete machine, accelerating the accelerator at the nozzle. Then spray out under the pressure of the wind.

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