Refractory gunning machine used to spray refractory materials such as concrete, mortar or castable refractory onto a variety of surfaces

2023-06-09 17:12:31

A refractory gunning machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to spray refractory materials such as concrete, mortar or castable refractory onto a variety of surfaces. Here are the steps to follow when using a refractory gunning machine:

1. Preparation: Before using the refractory gunning machine, make sure the surface to be sprayed is clean, dry and free of any loose debris or contamination. Also, make sure the refractory is well mixed and has the correct consistency.

2. Setup: Place the refractory gunning machine on a stable level surface. Connect the air compressor and adjust the air pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended level. Attach the hose and nozzle to the machine and make sure it is securely fastened.

3. Loading: Load the refractory material into the hopper of the gunning machine. Make sure the hopper is filled to the recommended level and there are no air pockets in the material.

4. Adjust the flow rate: adjust the flow rate of the refractory material by adjusting the air pressure and nozzle size. Flow should be set according to manufacturer’s recommendations and specific application requirements.

5. Start spraying: Turn on the machine and start spraying the refractory material onto the surface. Move the nozzle back and forth to evenly distribute the material. Make sure the material is applied evenly and at the correct thickness.

6. Cleaning: After finishing coating, turn off the machine and clean the nozzle and hose with water. Dispose of any unused material according to local regulations.

7. Maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain the refractory gunning machine to ensure its normal operation. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and repair instructions.

By following these steps, you can safely and effectively use a refractory gunning machine to apply refractory materials to a variety of surfaces.


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