Hydroseeder is used for slope protection of gold mines

2023-06-06 16:51:28

In May, we received a customer from the Philippines. He wanted a 2600-gallon hydroseeder to plant seeds in his gold mine to protect the soil and prevent sandstorms.

Hydroseeder is used for slope protection of gold mines is a common greening method of slope protection for high and steep slopes in mining areas. After constructing short anchor rods and laying the galvanized barbed wire on stable high and steep slopes, strongly weathered rock slopes, rock slopes, and cement slopes, a special sprayer is used to spray evenly mixed planting substrates on the slopes, and plants grow and develop on the “substrates”, forming a construction technology of plant slope protection, which has dual functions of protecting slopes and restoring vegetation, and can replace traditional spray anchor protection and flaky. The planting substrate used in this technology is composed of planting soil, mixed grass irrigation seeds, organic matter, fertilizer, granular agent, water-retaining agent, stabilizer and water, etc. The formula of the planting substrate is the key to success. A good formula can not only protect the slope and resist rain erosion on a rocky slope steeper than 1∶0.75 but also have sufficient porosity and fertility to ensure plant growth.

Philippine customers have taken a fancy to the following characteristics of our hydroseeder is used for slope protection of gold mines:
1. High spraying efficiency: dual power structure, more sufficient power output, and higher working efficiency;
2, the mud pump has good passability and is not easy to be blocked: the impeller with large diameter and wide blade path can spray pure mud, fiber, and mud mixture, and the passability is better;
3. Low later-use cost: the structure of the mud pump is simpler, and the replacement cost of later parts is lower.
4. Spray seeding of exotic soil uses a lot of soil as spray seeding substrate, such as peat soil, which is mixed with wood fiber (or pulp) according to a certain proportion, which has better adhesion and water retention performance than pure wood fiber alone, and can be sprayed on the slope of the thin soil layer and even weathered rock, with a general spray seeding thickness of 10 ~ 20 cm, and at the same time, the cost of the substrate is lower than that of hydraulic spray seeding with fiber alone.
If you want to know more about the role of hydroseeder in the restoration of gold mines and other mines, or the hydroseeder is used for slope protection of gold mines parameters, please contact us!


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