Hydroseeding mulch pump machine for erosion control

2022-12-29 17:54:33

Hydroseeding mulch pump machine for erosion control chemically process plant seeds (grass, flowers, trees), mix them with water and add special ingredients (fertilizers, pigments, wood fiber mulch, pulp, viscous mixtures, water retention agents, soil conditioners), agitation, high-pressure pump action, and spray equipment are used to plant modern vegetation on the ground or slopes.

Hydroseeding mulch pump machines for erosion control are considered by experts to be the most effective way to restore degraded grass, whether it’s a small backyard or thousands of acres. It is also commonly used for rapid erosion control and environmental remediation. Hydro Seeders for landscaping combine seeds and fertilizers, lime, biostimulants, moisturizing polymers, tackifiers, and other additives with water to create a hydroseed that forms soil and establishes vegetation to control erosion. Form a seed mulch.

High-efficiency hydraulic seeder equipment is a powerful long head with a variety of sprays that can expand the working range, short-distance spray, and mist can use fan-shaped nozzles to meet different spray needs increase. Hydroseeding mulch pump machines for erosion control are widely used not only for spraying rice fields, lawns, trees, flowers, and crop seeds but also for daily care and soil improvement such as irrigation, fertilization, and spraying.

The various materials sprayed provide good cover conditions for plant growth, and the germination rate and survival rate of seeds greatly guarantee the growth and development of slope plants, solving the problem of slope vegetation. Very important in greening projects. Guest soil spray technology is suitable for medium to low slopes with slopes less than 80 degrees. Hydroseeding mulch pump machine for erosion control is a vehicle-mounted passenger vehicle soil sprayer, with a grass root application thickness of 5-8 cm. Guest soil sprayer main components include a generator, mud pump, mixing tank, hydraulics, mixing, spraying, control, and pipeline.

Advantages of hydroseeding mulch pump machine for erosion control :

  1. The cost is lower than laying turf rolls, does not occupy cultivated land, does not require excavation, shipping, planting, or long-distance transportation, and reduces labor intensity.
  2. Uniform seeding and high efficiency. Fertilization, mixing, seeding, and mulching are completed in one step, and the effect of wind is small, improving the speed and quality of grass planting.
  3. The guest soil sprayer has advanced technical content and can integrate grass seeds, fertilizers, and packaging materials (fibers). Combining chemical energy and biological energy, it acts on the ground through mechanical energy and embodies the growth of living things. Advanced science is innovation in lawn planting technology.
  4. Hydroseeding mulch pump machine for erosion control can overcome the effects of adverse natural conditions and spread even on steep slopes where direct seeding is difficult. At the same time, it is resistant to erosion by wind, rain, and water, meeting the needs of building houses under various site conditions.

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