Hydroseeder pump for highway slope

2022-08-18 18:36:17

Hydroseeder pump for highway slope are transported in truck-mounted or trailer-mounted storage tanks and spread over prepared ground. Hydroseeder pump for highway slope can cover a wider area and can be used in wilderness areas. Hydroseeding is the process of mixing seed, mulch and water and blowing it through a machine called a hydroseeder. It is used not only on residential lawns, but also on large areas. From newly greened hills bordering highways to flower-filled neighbors’ backyards, traces of hydroponics can be seen everywhere. It is also heavily used in critical environmental projects to prevent soil erosion and to reclaim strip-mined areas.Barren land can be carefully reclaimed for productive use. Once desolate areas are transformed into rolling grasses, trees and shrubs.

Hydroseeder pump for highway slope

Hydroseeder pump for highway slope can be used where other seeding methods are impossible or very difficult. It can effectively cover large and hard-to-reach land tracks. Hydroseeding is also a cost-effective method for both residential and commercial landscaping. You can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the area hydroponically grown with wild grass.

Hydroseeder pump for highway slope

Hydroseeder pump for highway slope are suitable for greening and spraying in hard-to-grow areas such as rocks, hard soils, sandy soils, barren soils, acid soils, arid regions and coastal dams. Today, spreaders are widely used in projects such as highway slope greening, high-speed rail slope greening, mine greening, ecosystem restoration, and desert management.

Gaodetec’s large hydro seeders are powered by a single diesel, electronic control and easy operation. This is the better way to install residential and commercial lawns – Hydro Seeder.It can be used on all types of rocky slopes, hard soils, poor soils, acid soils, arid areas, clay soils, coastal dams. It is particularly suitable for outdoor conditions where it can be applied to e.g.

When used to plant grass on steep slopes, it helps prevent soil erosion. Simply mix fiber cover, fertilizer, water, seeds, etc. and spray directly onto steep slopes with a spray hose. When properly applied, the moist fibrous cover bonds with the soil and provides a water-retaining layer for the seeds, protecting them from sunlight, erosion and wind. , provides nutrients to the soil.

Hydroseeder pump for highway slope


Advantages of Hydroseeder pump for highway slope : If the area to be planted is large, hydraulic seeding can be done in a short time. Very effective on hillsides and sloping lawns and helps control erosion and rapid planting.Generally, the cost of hydroseeding is lower than that of sod seeding. The germination rate is high, grass grows in about a week, and mowing starts about 3 to 4 weeks after spraying. The fiber coating accelerates the germination process by maintaining moisture around the seed, thereby increasing the germination rate.

Hydroseeder pump for highway slope

The application material mixture consists of grass seeds, grass fibers, peat, water retention agents, adhesives, fertilizers, local soil, and water. Grass seeds are selected for local climatic conditions, grass fibers include crushed straw and bellflowers, and water retention agents typically contain synthetic polymers (acrylic acid/propylene acrylamide polymer). Adhesives usually contain cellulose or glue solutions and fertilizers commonly use NPK. Mixtures should be determined by reference to design specifications or through field testing.

Hydroseeder pump for highway slope can apply soil common clays, organic nutrient soils, oil improvers, multi-content fertilizers and water retention agents.

For Hydroseeder pump for highway slope , we have many standard sizes for your option and can also be customized according to your drawings. If you are interested in any of our machines, please contact us.


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