Hydro seeding machine for South America

2024-02-04 16:15:14

Hydro seeding machine for South America is widely used in highway slope greening, high-speed railway slope greening, mine greening, ecological restoration, desert control, and other projects. It is driven by a single diesel engine with centralized electric control. It is especially suitable for fieldwork and is suitable for greening and spraying in places where plants are difficult to grow, such as rocks, hard soil, sandy soil, barren land, acid soil, arid zones, and coastal dams.
Hydro seeding machine for South America
Compared with artificial grass planting, hydro seeding machine for South America has the following advantages:
(1) the mechanization degree is high, and the grass can be planted quickly in a large area. hydro seeding machine South America is an efficient and modern grass planting machine, and a guest soil spraying machine can spray 8,000 ~ 10,000 m2 of grass every day.
(2) Wide adaptability, planting lawns in areas difficult to be constructed manually.
(3) Establish lawns in areas where plants are difficult to survive. Nutrients, soil, and other ingredients are dissolved in the seed mixture sprayed by the spraying gun at high speed, which can make the plants grow flat in the field where it is difficult to survive.
(4) It can build high-quality lawns. hydro seeding machine in South America sprays grass seeds that have been germinated in advance, which can save the time needed for the germination of grass seeds. In addition, a thin film is formed on the ground surface, which can preserve heat and water. Therefore, the emergence of seedlings is fast, the growth is rapid, the soil surface can be covered quickly, the density is uniform and the canopy density is good.
(5) The maintenance is simple, and it can be leveled without watering after spraying, which is suitable for managing extensive barren hills and slopes.
(6) According to specific natural conditions or design requirements, several different grass seeds can be selected for mixed sowing, to achieve the effect of complementary advantages in coverage, root system, growth period, and stress resistance.
Wode hydroseeding for South America offers fast efficient landscape seeding. High-performance hydroseeding became available at a much lower cost.

Characteristics and performance of our company’s hydro seeding machine for South America:
1. The whole frame of the hydroseeder is carefully welded to ensure that the whole machine is durable and stable in transportation;
2. It can transport viscous materials and increase the thickness of the spraying layer;
3. The whole machine adopts mechanical stirring and chain transmission, which is convenient to use, high in transmission efficiency, and easy for workers to maintain and operate. The mixing adopts the mode of combining spiral blade mechanical stirring with reflux flushing stirring to form three-dimensional mixing, which effectively improves the mixing uniformity;

4. It is driven by a single diesel engine, which has low oil consumption, convenient operation, and easy maintenance, and reduces the use cost and working cost;
5. It is equipped with a 360-degree freely rotating universal nozzle, and it is also equipped with long and short fan nozzles and guide pipe valves, which are convenient for exchange according to different working surfaces;
6. The core pump of the hydroseeder adopts a special pressurized multistage pump, which can spray viscous materials at high speed from the nozzle with a direct range of 20-50m, thus reducing the construction difficulty, improving the efficiency and increasing the safety. The high slope can be connected with rubber wear-resistant pipes, increasing the lift and facilitating the construction.

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