Compact grouting mixer from China

2024-02-20 16:29:36

Wode Equipment Co., Ltd. is an industry-leading supplier of compact grouting mixer from China. Compared with ordinary grouting mixer from China, our compact grouting mixer from China has high pulping efficiency, simple operation, uniform slurry, low maintenance cost, and short-distance transportation—outstanding features such as functions. The compact grouting mixer from China is mainly used in constructing hydropower, railways, highways, construction, mining, and other industries. The grout or squeezer, cement, and water can quickly be mixed into a slurry.
Compact grouting mixer from China
The pulping principle of this compact grouting mixer is that the motor drives the high-speed turbo pump, and the pulp is sucked in a vortex from the bottom and sprayed from the upper end of the pulping barrel to produce a high-speed liquid flow, and a strong vortex is formed in the pulping barrel so that the dry powder and water are fully mixed evenly, to achieve the purpose of preparing high-quality colloid.

routing mixer from China

Compact grouting mixer from China instructions for use:
1. Check that the rotation of the mixing impeller is correct to ensure that the slurry pipe does not leak;
2. Add an appropriate amount of water, and turn on the equipment to clean and wet the pulping barrel and pipeline, after cleaning, discharge the water in the pulping machine;

compact grouting mixer
3. Add a standard amount of water, turn on the pulping machine, add the powder evenly in the prescribed order, and continue to stir for 3 to 5 minutes;
4. The prepared slurry is transported into the storage tank, and this process is also continuously stirred;
5. After connecting the grouting pump to the storage tank, start grouting;
6. Immediately clean the equipment after squeezing is completed, and turn on the pulping machine so that the remaining cement slurry in the pulping machine and pipeline is removed from circulation.

compaction grouting mixer
To provide you with a suitable model as soon as possible and quote the best grouting mixer price to Dubai, please tell us the following points when inquiring, because Wode Equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading brand of compact grouting mixer in China, and there are currently about seven types of grouting mixers available You can choose, and we can also tailor a suitable grouting mixer for you, because Wode Equipment Co., Ltd. has its technical team and research and development capabilities, we can design the grouting mixer according to your needs, and we can also customize the color for you.

compact grout mixer
Therefore, please tell us your requirements for grouting mixers, such as:
1. What materials will you mix?
2. What is the W/C ratio? > 0.45:1?
3.Is the capacity you need 750L, 500L, 400L, 100L or more?
4. Do you want a cement slurry mixer with an electric motor or diesel engine?
If you have any needs please feel free to contact us.


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