High efficiency hydroseeding equipment for erosion control

2023-04-25 17:19:01

The high efficiency hydroseeding equipment for erosion control consists of a frame, a tank, a power system, a stirring system, a transmission system, a high-order pellet auxiliary system, a spray gun, and an operation box. High efficiency hydroseeding equipment for erosion control is special equipment for greening. Through this high efficiency hydroseeding equipment for erosion control, planting soil, grass seeds for greening, water-retaining agent, adhesive, and fertilizer are mixed with water in a stirring container to form colloidal mixed slurry, which is sprayed on the slope to be sown by a pressure pump. Because the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials, cohesive materials, and various nutrients, the source of water and other nutrients needed for plant growth is guaranteed, and at the same time, the damage of rain erosion to spray seeding materials is effectively prevented, so plants can grow healthily and rapidly.

Scope of application:
Greening projects such as highway (railway) roadside slope greening, wound mountain greening, landfill soilless coverage, mine greening, desert control, river bank protection, maintenance sprinkling, large-scale green space reconstruction, etc. It is superior to the requirements of long fiber passability, simple crushing of hard crop straws, no blockage of flaky hard large particles of garden waste, and wide applicability of materials to facilitate local materials.

High efficiency hydroseeding equipment for erosion control advantages:
First, high throughput vortex pump: long fiber, large particle non-clogging vortex pump, which can be applied to pump with fiber length of 10-15cm and hard particles within 5cm without clogging, greatly expanding the application scope of spray seeding materials.
Second, miniaturization: the tank and power system are arranged side by side, and the engine and pump are directly connected through the electromagnetic clutch, so the whole machine is small in size and convenient for operation in some places with narrow space.
Third, integration: an auxiliary system of high-order pellets is added, which is suitable for various spray seeding processes and realizes multi-machine integration.
Fourth, intelligence: equipped with universal spray gun, the spray gun and operation box can be operated manually or remotely; Remote control and unmanned operation, high degree of automation, can realize the portable industrial remote control to control the engine throttle size, clutch start and stop, universal spray rotation, stirring start and stop, and realize full remote control of equipment operation.


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