High efficiency Hydro semoir for sale

2022-02-15 18:52:47

High efficiency Hydro semoir for sale also known as hydraulic spray seeders or hydraulic spray seeders, use a liquid state principle, also known as sowing, and centrifuge with a certain percentage of water, fiber coatings, adhesives, and fertilizers. A pump is used to pump the mixed solution to the soil and sow it through a hose to form a uniform coating. So what are the characteristics of hydraulic atomizers? High efficiency Hydro semoir for sale today introduces the performance characteristics of Hydrose moir.

High efficiency Hydro semoir for sale

  1. Especially suitable for 3D net cover, it can be molded once. At the construction site, by adding an appropriate amount of soil according to the situation of the site, the amount of paper fiber and wood fiber can be reduced, the construction cost can be significantly reduced, the construction speed can be accelerated, and the germination rate of grass can be reduced. And seeds that can effectively improve survival.
  2. The overall price of Hydro Semoir is determined by the double diesel engine, which has separate mixing and output, high lift and high efficiency. It can be used not only for greening and spraying large areas of highway slopes, railroad slopes and reservoir dams, but also for spraying paddy fields, lawns, trees and flowers, crop seeds, etc. Soil improvement such as irrigation, fertilization and pesticide spraying.
  3. The operation of the machine is safe and easy. The machine’s non-slip platform is equipped with a full-featured control panel, and the 80 cm high fence can be loaded and unloaded as needed to ensure the safety of consoles, gun operators and other workers. Temporarily stack products on the workbench.
  4. Since the tank body uses a double stirring method of paddle mechanical stirring and circulating jet stirring, the material should be completely suspended during stirring and spraying to make it uniform, and the mixed raw materials should be sprayed uniformly.


There are a series of precautions before and after spraying Hydrosemoir to ensure the quality of the slope greening project and the late greening effect. Today, I would like to introduce the following.

High efficiency Hydro semoir for sale

  1. It is necessary to regenerate anchors, grouts and hanging nets to prevent landslides. Spray 3-5 planting soils on the slopes.
  2. It is necessary to level the slope and roughly level the uneven parts so that the thickness of the planting board is uniform.
  3. Finally, mix planting soil, pulp or wood fiber, water retention agent, glue, grass seeds evenly and spray on a slope about 0.5-25px thick. In this way, the grass seeds and materials are evenly mixed and moistened. Beneficial for germination of grass seeds. On sunny slopes, the temperature is high, so you can increase the amount of seeds or moisturizer to moisturize.
  4. The LEC manufacturer recalled that the slope was too large and it was necessary to hang a horizontal wooden pole that could be a local common wooden strip with a thickness of 3-5 cm. ..
  5. Maintenance: If it does not rain after spraying, water frequently to keep the soil moist.
  6. After spraying and sowing grass seeds, it can be covered with a non-woven fabric as the water evaporates too quickly and the rain is washed away to prevent direct sunlight.
  7. Pest prevention: Regularly observe the growth of slope vegetation and prioritize pest prevention. Spray as soon as you see them.

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