Advanced hot sell cement grout mixer machine

2022-02-16 18:23:44

 Advanced hot sell cement grout mixer machine are mainly driven by electric motors. The pulp is sucked into the vortex from below and sprayed from the top of the barrel to create a high speed liquid flow, creating a strong vortex in the barrel and stirring the dry powder and water perfectly evenly. To achieve lower water adhesive preparation than slurry. Compared to popular colloidal grout mixers on the market, Australian colloidal grout mixers are characterized by faster pulping rates and more uniform slurry mixing. It is one of the important facilities of a large-scale pulping station.

advanced hot sell cement grout mixer machine

 Advanced hot sell cement grout mixer machine are mainly used to mix and prepare slurries that need to be strongly mixed in advance, such as cement slurries. It is used in grout equipment for pressure grout construction such as railroad and road construction, mining, hydropower engineering, insulation, waterproofing, grout of building foundations.

advanced hot sell cement grout mixer machine

Advantages of hot sell cement grout mixer machine:

  1. Highly efficient and large reserves that can be applied to various grout injection engineering operations.
  2. Safe and reliable; the key component motor has a high level of protection.
  3. The mixing arm of the storage tank adopts high strength, strong force, deformation-free, modified frame structure.
  4. High speed centrifugation ensures uniform mixing and no settling.
  5. High reliability; motor is installed vertically, easy to seal, high sealing effect, low failure rate, and a small amount of slurry leakage on the motor stirring shaft will affect production and use in a relatively short time. not.


Precautions for usinghot sell cement grout mixer machine:

  1. Make sure the steering of the mixing impeller is correct so that the slurry pipe does not leak.
  2. Add an appropriate amount of water, turn on the device to clean and moisten the pulping barrel and pipeline, and after cleaning, drain the water to the pulping machine.


  1. Add a certain amount of water to the machine. (Before starting the machine, close the main valve in front of the hopper to stop adding water to the bucket, but do not turn off the main water supply. It can be adjusted properly. The transmission has cooling and Cleaning must be done. The unit being pulped, otherwise the drive assembly burns) Turn on the pulper, add the powder material evenly in the specified order, control the supply time, Continue stirring for 3-5 minutes after all powder materials have been added.
  2. Transport the prepared slurry to the slurry storage tank to maintain dynamic slurry storage.
  3. As soon as pulping is complete, clean the equipment and pipeline and turn on the pulping machine and the pulping machine so that the cement slurry remaining in the pipeline is circulated and removed.

 advanced hot sell cement grout mixer machine

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