1000KG castable pan refractory mixer for sale Egypt

2023-01-13 17:41:58

1000KG castable pan refractory mixer for sale in Egypt is compact in design and performs well. 1000KG castable pan refractory mixer for sale has strong performance and powerful operation technology and incorporates new technology to accelerate the progress and intelligence of scientific instruments. Refractory mixers can be freely positioned at each line position to help optimize the production and processing of refractory materials. 1000KG castable pan refractory mixer for sale are equipped with wear-resistant and pressure-resistant parts to extend equipment life and improve equipment production efficiency.

The use of a 1000KG castable pan refractory mixer for sale has overturned traditional refractory manufacturing methods, improving production efficiency and precision, and increasing output. Refractory material mixers can ensure the castable manufacturing process, product quality, dust pollution, equipment noise reduction, high work efficiency, and basically no uneven mixing or proportion deviation in the manufacturing process.

Features of 1000KG castable pan refractory mixer for sale:

  1. Easy to install and replace: Comes with a set of inner tanks, convenient to replace and install, and reduces after-sales service.
  2. Reduced maintenance: Excellent wear resistance greatly reduces maintenance frequency, saving cost and labor.
  3. Enhanced gearbox is specially designed for high-intensity working conditions with more reliable performance and longer life.
  4. Reasonable mixing structure design makes mixing more complete and reduces energy consumption.
  5. Special mixing tool design can mix different materials evenly.

When using a commercially available 1000KG castable pan refractory mixer for sale, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Clean water should be used when mixing the refractory mixer with water. Water sources used in coastal areas should be tested and used to ensure that chloride ion concentrations do not exceed 300 mg/m.
  2. The refractory material mixer should have sufficient hardness and strength, and the size of the supporting mold should be exactly the same to prevent deformation during construction.
  3. Use a forced mixer for the refractory mixers you sell. The mixing time and amount of water added should be carried out according to the assembly instructions. When changing grades or brands of refractory materials, the mixer must be thoroughly cleaned before use.
  4. Refractory castables must be poured within 30 minutes or within the time specified in the installation instructions, default castables are not allowed.

 1000KG castable pan refractory mixer for sale has a good structure and is easy to operate, so if you are interested in the price of the refractory mixer for sale, please contact us! Email: sales@wodetec.com, 500L, 800L, and 1000L refractory mixers are available.


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