Spraying concrete machine in tunnel for protect

January 26, 2021

Wodetec has produced the spraying concrete machine for many years ,our products mainly include the wet spraying concrete machine, dry spraying shotcrete machine,and the dry &wet spraying concrete machine .Our product has exported the UAE,Malaysia,Singapore and other conturies. We can provide the best spraying concrete machine in tunnel for protect for you!

spraying concrete machine in tunnel for protect

WZ-9L dry&wet spraying concrete machine in tunnel is widely used in engineering construction, mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects, high coal wetland mines and tunnels, sprayed concrete construction work: lining spraying or repairing various types of industrial furnaces, soil Transportation and spraying of various slope protection green building structures. The tunnel concrete spraying machine can be used for wet spraying ,dry spraying and various textile spraying operations. The main functions and advantages are as follows: straight-through rotor type non-viscous material cavity, smooth discharge, high efficiency, and time saving: four-point elastic compensation and compression, good sealing effect, reducing dust near the machine, long service life of wearing parts: low pressure and high speed scroll Cyclone air transportation overcomes the problems of material transportation, pipeline blockage, pulse separation and folding, uniform, continuous and stable material flow.

spraying concrete machine in tunnel for protect

The advantages of the spraying concrtete machine in tunnel for protect:

1. Excellent sealing structure reduces the degree of dust pollution and small dust.

2. The amount of rebound is small and saves material.

3. As concrete has mixed evenly before spraying, the mixing ratio of concrete is guaranteed and the quality of concrete is guaranteed.

spraying concrete machine in tunnel for protect

When we use the spraying concrete machine in tunnel for protect ,if we want to make good effect,we should also pay attention the following things;

1.The shot cleat pipe is an important pipeline carrying slurry, and its quality is also an important accessory to reduce slurry loss and improve working efficiency.

2. When choosing a nozzle, you should choose a nozzle with high wear resistance made of polyurethane material. The overall color is usually yellow and transparent, so the outside of the nozzle can be seen through the light. This shows that the texture is good. Also pay attention to the flexibility of the nozzle. For more information, please contact the manufacturer before purchasing.

3. When choosing a steel liner, pay attention to the tightness of the upper and lower grinding plates. Please note that the product is high manganese steel or stainless steel when choosing a steel liner due to fast wear during use.

4. Cone sleeve-usually made of polyurethane material, it has features of wear resistance, compression, hard to break, and has a longer service life.

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