250kg capacity refractory castable pan mixer

January 25, 2021

The optimized design of the speed reduction device of the 250kg capacity refractory pan mixer can effectively and evenly distribute the power to each stirring device to ensure the balanced stirring effect and high efficiency.The specially designed stirring device has a good coordination with the stirring space, so that the material has a larger running space and no stacking.

250kg capacity refractory castable pan mixer

250kg refractory castable pan mixer is a new generation agitator developed and manufactured by us according to many years of practical experience. The refractory castable pan mixer adopts motor to directly drive cycloid needle reducer to drive.  250kg refractory castable mixer has the characteristics of simple structure, durability and easy maintenance, and is equipped with lifting mechanism, which makes feeding more convenient, labor saving and higher efficiency.It is mainly used for mixing refractory, plastic concrete, mortar, slag, coating, castable, silicate products and other mixed dry materials.Semi-dry material. Wet material or colloidal material, etc.Material resistant mixer can be customized according to customer needs, to meet customer requirements for different occasions.It is widely used in refractory industry, steel industry, building materials industry and other mixing fields, and by the majority of users praise.

 250kg capacity refractory castable pan mixer

According to the characteristics of different refractories, the lining board and mixing device of the mixer are cast iron, imported wear-resistant plate and high wear-resistant surfacing and other materials.The mixing blade with high nickel alloy is more wear resistant, and polyurethane blade is optional.Large size access door to facilitate maintenance and cleaning;The unloading door is equipped with a limit switch, which can set the opening Angle and the number of unloading doors according to the needs and facilitate the loading and unloading of materials.

250kg capacity refractory castable pan mixer

Advantages of 250kg refractory castable pan mixer

1.The 250kg refractory castable mixer can solve all kinds of mixing problems in the production of refractory industry, with high application ability and flexible handling ability. It can achieve satisfactory use effect for all kinds of refractory materials.

2. Customized design of refractory castable pan mixer blender with good basic technology design so that the performance advantages of refractory blender can play in a stable and high efficiency level.

3. The use of 250kg refractory castable mixer is safe and reliable, providing a consistent and high-quality mixing process for the preparation of refractory raw materials.

 250kg capacity refractory castable pan mixer

250kg refractory castable pan mixer operation instructions:

1. Preparations before starting: check whether there is debris in the disk, check whether the bolts of each part are loose, lack, and whether the reducer oil is sufficient, check whether the scraper is loose, and the angle is correct. Power. Whether the wire is leaking.

2. Turn on: Clear all materials in the disk to ensure that it restarts after no time. Turn on the power and start the machine, listen for abnormal sounds, and add materials according to regulations.

3. Shutdown: Stop the 250kg refractory castable pan mixer after the material in the pan is finished, and clean the remaining material in the pan.

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