Concrete Slurry Transfer Peristaltic Pump for Sale

April 09, 2020

Concrete slurry transfer peristaltic pump for sale is the best equipment for the construction site of industrial buildings. It is used to pump and transfer concrete, mud, mortar and other high viscosity liquid building materials. Why choose a concrete slurry transfer peristaltic pump? This is inseparable from its unique performance.

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First, the abrasiveness of concrete slurry transfer peristaltic pump is our most important value. It is also the reason why designers choose peristaltic pumps as industrial transportation. For the design of peristaltic pumps, there is no valve and no sealed port because there is no other The participation of the medium is only a hose belonging to the internal organization, which has high safety.

Second, concrete slurry transfer peristaltic pump for sale has a particularly good self-priming ability, so that it can create a vacuum environment by itself, so for the transmission of liquid or gas, there will be no blocked flag bubbles or resistance, which will affect the transmission speed. This self-priming ability is extremely advantageous for large-scale industrial transmission.

Third, the high performance of peristaltic pump for sale is also reflected in the high sensitivity, which is mainly reflected in the high and uniform viscosity of the conveyance, and the shear property is also good. For the transmitted gas or liquid, they are invariant and indeterminate. . Such a functional setting is an advantage that cannot be ignored for liquids or gases that require high density.

Peristaltic Pump Equipment Application

Advantages of concrete slurry transfer peristaltic pump for sale:

1. Peristaltic pump has strong self-priming ability, unique structure, no leakage will not occur if it is not sealed, and it meets the requirements of workplace management requirements.

2. It can transport high-viscosity media, and it can also transport mixed media of gas, liquid, and solid; it can also transport corrosive slurry and sludge containing a large number of particles or other impurities.

3. The flow rate is adjusted by adjusting the speed of the pump, while the outlet pressure of the pump is basically unchanged.

4. When the speed is constant, adjusting the outlet valve can change the outlet pressure of the pump and the flow rate is basically unchanged, so the pump can be used as a metering pump.


5. When changing different hose materials, it can be applied to different media.

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In order to recommend you a more suitable model of concrete slurry transfer peristaltic pump, please let us know your requirements clearly:

1. What is your periodical pump project, is it used to pump concrete or something else?

2. What pressure and output do you need?

3. What is the local voltage you need? The voltage here is 380V, 50HZ, 3 phases, is it OK?

4. Aggregate size in the largest slurry?

Once the above problems are identified, our technical team will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the latest peristaltic pump models and prices. Want to learn more about concrete slurry transfer peristaltic pump,

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