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April 10, 2020

Wodetec is a professional shotcrete machine manufacturer located in Zhengzhou, China. Our high quality shotcrete machine includes dry mixer shotcrete machine, dry mixer shotcrete machine, refractory repair machine, jet pump, etc. Since its establishment in 1988, we have been focusing on the manufacture of new and innovative machinery for the construction industry.

Rotor type wet shotcrete machine

High quality shotcrete machine for sale is divided into dry mixer shotcrete machine and dry mixer shotcrete machine according to different spraying processes. When using a dry spray gun, the material is discharged from the machine with a maximum of 5% moisture, and then the material is fed into the nozzle assembly by airflow, and the required water is added (usually 5-10%). In wet spray concrete machines, the spray gun material is wetted with water in a mixer beforehand, and then pumped through a hose through an eccentric screw or piston pump. At the end of the production line, the material is dispersed with compressed air, if necessary, other liquid bonding / hardening agents (shot concrete) can be added, and usually accelerators are added.

shotcrete machine for sale

Compared with dry mixer shotcrete machine, wet mixer shotcrete machine is mostly used for more important projects, with less dust, low rebound rate, and high spraying strength. So dry mixer shotcrete machine is usually used for outdoor projects, such as bridge repairs, swimming pools Slope protection, etc. The wet mixer shotcrete machine is widely used in indoor projects, such as mines, tunnels, subways and other projects. Regardless of the shotcrete machine, an air compressor is required to provide compressed air.

concrete spraying appliation


dry shotcrete machine

For high quality shotcrete machine for sale, we provide electric motor, pneumatic motor, diesel engine drive for customers' choice. Pneumatic motors and diesel sprayers do not require any power supply and are suitable for remote work sites, which is not convenient to obtain power. For dry mixer shotcrete machine, we have WZ-3 (3m3 / h), WZ-5 (5m3 / h), WZ-7 (7m3 / h), WZ-9 (9m3 / h). For wet mixer shotcrete machine, we provide WSZ3000 (5m3 / h), WSZ3000V (5m3 / h) and WDS1500 (3m3 / h) for selection.

shotcrete machine


dry shotcrete machine for sale

Our high quality shotcrete machine for sale is made by professional processing equipment, special precision casting molds and unique production technology. Most of the accessories and parts come from the world's top brand suppliers. It makes our products stable and durable, which has been accepted by domestic and foreign markets. So far, our high quality shotcrete machines have been exported to more than 40 countries around the world. If you are interested in our high quality shotcrete machine, please leave us a message and we will help you as soon as possible.

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