How to maintain the concrete cement grout mixer machine?

October 30, 2021

The concrete cement grout mixer machine is a special equipment for slurry manufacturing, mainly in industries such as hydropower, railway, transportation, construction and mining, cement, bentonite, etc. are mixed with water and additives to quickly make slurry. The concrete cement grout mixer machine adopts swirl grout mixer. Compared to common blade mixer, it has fast pulp speed and uniform slurry mixing. The pulper directly drives the impeller of the high speed centric center pump and rotates the rotating shaft to create a high speed liquid flow. This creates a strong vortex in the barrel and causes the material to stir completely and evenly, resulting in a fast slurry.

maintain the concrete cement grout mixer machine

 So want to improve the concrete cement grout mixer machine efficiency, we should maintain from the following things:

1.Before starting the high speed pulp machine, make sure that the moving parts by hand rotation do not move or are tightly connected before connecting to the power supply and idle. During operation, pay special attention to the clockwise rotation of the motor on the connecting shaft of the transmission assembly to ensure that there are no other abnormalities in the equipment (continuously adding water to the transmission assembly while cooling it).

2. Check the high speed grout mixer machine regularly and set the transfer assembly to No. Add 3Li-based grease.

3. When the reversing handle of the high-speed pulp machine is turned on up and down, the pulp position and the right side become the grout mixer position. If the valve body is severely worn, deformed or rusted (the rust is too bad to disassemble and replace the valve body, wipe it with an emery cloth and put it in butter), if this seriously affects the seal, it must be replaced in time.

4. Avoid long idle operation of the high speed pulp machine circulation pump, and prevent larger hard particles and entangled ribbons from entering the circulation pump.

5. Regularly inspect the transfer assembly of the high speed grout mixer machine agitation to replace the parts according to the degree of wear in case of severe total slurry leakage or discharged coolant very cloudy.

maintain the concrete cement grout mixer machine

6. Adjust the tightness of the pump's packaging, which is set on a regular basis. It is recommended to drip a small amount of water from the packaging box. Excessive compression affects the life of the packaging and the efficiency of the equipment.

7. When cleaning the equipment of the high-speed pulp machine, it is necessary to completely drain the remaining cement slurry by opening the valves at the bottom of the pulp barrel and the bottom of the circulation pump to avoid hardening affects.


maintain the concrete cement grout mixer machine

When cleaning the cement grout mixer machine, the residual cement slurry is thoroughly cleaned to prevent residual agglomeration, which may cause the unit to fail during the next use. After cleaning the device, it fills the grease holes with butter and extends the sealing life of the transfer assembly!

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