China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine

October 29, 2021

China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine is a specialized device for spraying and planting grass, quickly spraying plant growth substrates and grass seeds onto a wide range of slopes and lands for rapid spraying and greening effects. China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine techniques are tenacious and can satisfy various greening functions with fertilizers, planting soils, fiber materials, water retention agents, adhesives, and water using the principle of liquid sowing. It is the scientific processing of seeds. The mixture is placed in the mixing tank of the atomizer at a constant rate, stirred evenly and sprayed directly onto the slope via the centrifugal pump of the atomizer, or a hose is introduced and transported to the slope to form a uniform coating. Increasingly under the protection of the plant seed layer, then put non-woven protection and carry out the construction technique of compulsory greening of the slopes.

 China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine

Scope of China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine:

1. Various high and steep bare rock (soil) slopes of highways, tunnels, railroads and rivers.

2. Landslide slope;

3. Dam slope of irrigation project;

4. Quarry, mining, dumping of waste residue.

5. Concrete spray anchor slope;

6. Factory waste slag hill, red mud hill, garbage hill.

7. Barren mountains, barren beaches, deserts, barren hills, etc.

8. Windbreak and sand fixation, control of soil erosion, saving of water source.

9. Large-scale land plantations and urban greening.

 China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine

We should be aware of the following points when using the China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine:

The spray sowing area needs to be managed and maintained in time and uses soil conditioners (such as water retention agents) and adhesives to ensure the effectiveness of spraying and sowing and is required for flatbeds including land readjustment and fertilization. To meet China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine requirements, the proper fertilizer and amount must be selected to ensure that the seeds grow fast and firm. The ratio of fiber coatings selected by the spray planter should be appropriate to ensure seed germination and growth. Spray irrigation plans and irrigation volumes should be determined according to weather conditions. If necessary, appropriate moisturizing measures should be taken, appropriate lawn seeds or stems should be selected and the seeding amount should be determined. The sprayed soil should be analyzed and the soil improved if necessary.

 China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine

When China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine using, it is mainly done by building short anchor rods and galvanized iron wire on a stable bedrock slope, then uniform using a guest soil spray planter. Spray the planting substrate mixed in the slope. On the surface, the plant grows and develops depending on the "matrix", forming a construction pull technique to protect the slopes of the plant. This can achieve the goals of vegetation restoration, landscape improvement, and environmental protection. Soil-containing grass seed hydroceeders have two functions: side slope protection and vegetation restoration, and can replace traditional spray anchor protection, stone slope protection, and other means of construction. 

 China grass seed planting hydroseeder machine

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