How to regulate the operation of the concrete jet and the operation of the shutdown?

November 07, 2018


As the darling of the construction industry, concrete shotcrete has great advantages in the application of cement concrete. Therefore, concrete shotcrete machines are required at construction sites such as building construction and slope protection that require large areas of cement and concrete to achieve fast, high-quality work.

Shotcrete operation

1. Before the start of the shotcrete operation, the old belt should be first placed at the injection site to collect the rebound material, and the rebound rate should not exceed 10%. Open the water and open the air, adjust the water volume, keep the wind pressure not lower than 0.4MPa, the water pressure should be about 0.1MPa higher than the wind pressure, and the water added amount is controlled by the experience of the shooter, the water-cement ratio is 0.4.

2. Spray the hand to operate the nozzle and flush the rock face from top to bottom.

3. The concrete jet machine is powered and the material is sprayed.

4. Adjust the amount of Feng Shui according to the feeding condition to ensure that there is no dry spot on the spray surface, no runny, strong adhesion, and less rebound material.

5. The spray hand segment is sprayed in the order from the bottom to the top of the wall.

6. When spraying, the nozzle should be as perpendicular as possible to the spray surface, and the angle should not be less than 70 degrees.

7. When spraying, the running track of the nozzle should be spiral, and move slowly and evenly according to the diameter of 200-300mm.

8. The concrete sprayer has a thickness of 50 to 70 mm at a time, and it must be re-injected in time. The interval between re-spraying should not exceed 2 hours. Otherwise, apply high pressure water to re-rinse the sprayed surface.

9, should be equipped with two people, one person with nozzle spray, one person auxiliary lighting and responsible for contact, observe the top safety and spray quality.

Concrete jet stop operation

1. After the completion of the shotcrete operation, the operation shall be stopped in the order of stopping the material first, then stopping the water and then stopping the power, and then closing the wind.

2. After the spraying work is finished, unload the nozzle, clean the water ring and the mortar or material inside and outside the jet, and wind the wind pipe.

3. Clean up and collect the rebound material, and use the net for the shift.

4. After spraying the concrete for 2 hours, it began to sprinkle water for maintenance. After 28 days, the core was tested for strength.

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