What are the outstanding advantages of LH series industrial hose pumps?

November 07, 2018

Zhengzhou LEC LH series industrial hose pump is mainly composed of pump body, drive plate, squeeze wheel, recovery wheel, reinforced hose and drive system. The reinforced hose is arranged in a U shape in the pump body. When the slewing frame drives the squeeze wheel to rotate, the hose is elastically deformed by the squeeze wheel, and a negative pressure is sucked into the suction port to suck the slurry through the squeeze wheel. The slurry is discharged from the discharge port to form a pressure transfer of the slurry. Industrial hose pumps are used for long-distance transport of viscous slurries in construction, underground engineering, mining, food, paper, ceramics and other fields. The main forms are metering pumping, pressure injection (irrigation), spraying, etc.

LEC LH series industrial hose pump has the advantages of no seal, no reversing valve work, strong self-priming ability, less wearing parts, idling, positive and negative reversal, etc., and has outstanding advantages in the industrial hose pump industry. And the material only passes through the hose, does not contact with the metal, and eliminates the problem of corrosion and rust of the metal from the source. In addition, the LH series industrial hose pump can pump particles and viscous materials, which are easy to transport, and the hose can be cleaned quickly and easily with only a few cleaning balls.

The company's LH product line includes LH10, LH15, LH25, LH32, LH38, LH50, LH65, LH76, LH100 and other models. The diameter of the hose pump is gradually expanded, and customers can choose according to the particle size of the mixed mixture. Suitable for industrial hose pumps of the type.

LH series industrial hoses are highly resistant to corrosion, high in abrasion resistance, high inclusiveness to sensitive media changes, high viscosity and high consistency adaptability, and large particle adaptation. The biggest advantage of LH series industrial hoses is the high displacement accuracy. The LH industrial hose pump produced according to the standard production system has been tested, the front and back error is about 1%, and the high pressure performance of the LH industrial hose pump is 3 MPa. Its quality and quality are far greater than the industrial hose pumps produced by its peers.

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