How to choose a suitable cement grouting pump manufacturer?

January 17, 2019

Grouting mainly has three purpose: stabilization, strengthening and sealing. A sucessful grouting operation is not just a matter of drilling a number of holes and pumping them full of grout. It requires knowledge and experience: what type of grouting choose, and how to do the grouting job, what cement grouting pump, cement grout mixer and agitator use.

Cement grouting pump is widely used in dam grouting and tunnel grouting.

How to choose a suitable cement grouting pump manufacturer?

Cement grouting pump is widely used in dam grouting. Whatever purpose dams are built for – be it irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, river regulation or simple to establish a lake for recreational purposes, they result in the creation of a body of water on the upstream side of the dam. The dam body is contained by the dam, and no water must be allowed to leak through, underneath, or past the dam under influence of the static head. Here in China, there is an old sayings: The embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed by the ant. Any small hole will destroy the dams. So it is very important to doing the grouting jobs.

Like dams, tunnels are constructed for many different purpose and under widely varying geographic and geological conditions. Tunnels carry fluids, be it fresh water or sewage. Should not leak. And all tunnels should resist the inflow of water from the surrounding ground.

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There are many suppliers provide the cement grouting equipment. When choosing a professional grouting pump, users must carefully check and compare. Because the grouting machine is used on the construction site. A poor quality machine, will not only affect the progress of the project, but also cause engineering accidents when the situation is serious. Safety is not guaranteed. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of construction workers, buyers must carefully check when purchasing cement grouting machines.

How to choose a suitable cement grouting pump manufacturer?

Not sure how to choose a suitable cement grouting pump manufacturer? We will assist you about this:

First: choose the cement grouting pump suppliers, with all necessary certificate. Like ISO, and SGS certificate. Sometimes CE certificate is needed when import, users should also check the CE certificate.

Second: See the cemeng grout pump supplier technology. With the advance technology, you could always use the best suitable machine. Though the grouting technology is very nature, while some suppliers do not do any changes about the machine. Only with the advanced technology, and could meet the grouting jobs improvement. So could provide the best suitable grout pump.

Third: Choose the injection grout pump flow and pressure based on the projects. Some grouting projects may require a small flow, a bigger grout pump will not works.

Fourth: Timely after sales service. So any unclear during the usage, could be timely solved. Also could ensure timely spare parts supply.

As a professional injection grouting pump supplier, we have ISO and SGS certificate. Some injection pump also have the CE certificate, and import to the European Union countries.

CE cement grouting pump suppliers is more trustworthy. Our our grouting injection equipment use the advance grouting technology, and ensure more steady and rebiable.

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