China electric grout plant factory for sale

January 25, 2019

WGP400/700/80PL-E China electric grout plant is used in construction, mining, highway, railway, municipal, hydropower and other construction site for grouting.

This electric grout station is combination of agitator, mixer and plunger grout pump in a plant. The high shear mixer volume is 400L. China electric grout plant is used to retrieve the slurry by strong mixing water and cement or bentonite. The combination of get is transported to a blender.

China electric grout plant factory for sale

The agitator volume is 700L, which maintains in suspension mixes such as cement mortar or bentonite clay. Then from the blender grouting absorption slurry pump.

Vertical single-acting piston grouting pump is designed for. So its structure is compact, save a space. If we want to change the grouting pump pressure and displacement, only need to change the plunger seal, in addition we can also integrate two grouting pump device. In this way, we can get high pressure grouting and large continuous flow. Grouting pump adopts full hydraulic pressure drive, grouting pressure and output to adjust, high speed and low speed, rotating ball valve switch.

China electric grout plant factory for sale

In short, the new electric grout plant is high efficiency and low cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance. So it is a cost-effective ideal machine to meet your project requirements.

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