Grout mixer for hydro power

December 08, 2020

The grout mixer for hydro power dam project, ultra-fine cement, bentonite and other admixtures. Mixer tank volume from 300L, 400L, 450L, to 700L are available. With excellent mixing quality, high capacity, energy saving, powerful and low wear, it is widely used in ground/underground engineering and construction.

the grout mixer for hydro power

We are professional grout mixer for hydro power dam project supplier, will always offer you suitable grout mixer for hydro power and solution. For more information about grout mixer for dam project and grout mixer price, please email us.

Usually our grout mixer for hydro power dam project is yellow, blue, white, if you want other color, also please tell us the color code.

Once confirm the answers of above question, suitable type grout mixer for hydro power dam project and the best grout mixer price both will be offered to you at first time.

 The operating instructions of the grout mixer for hydro power dam project are as follows:

1, check the mixing impeller to correct, to ensure that the slurry pipe does not leak;

2. Add a proper amount of water, start the equipment to clean and wet the pulping barrel and pipeline, and discharge the water in the pulping machine after cleaning;

3. Add no less than 80Kg of water, start the pulping machine, uniformly add the powder in the specified order, control the feeding time within 5~6 minutes, and continue to stir for 3~5 minutes after all the powder is added;

4, conveying the prepared slurry into a slurry storage barrel, and keeping dynamic slurry storage;

5. After connecting the pipe of the grouting machine to the slurry storage barrel, or directly conveying it to the hopper of the grouting machine, start grouting;

6. Immediately after grouting, clean the equipment and pipeline, and start the pulping machine, so that the remaining cement slurry in the pulping machine and pipeline can be recycled.


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