Cement grout mixer manufacturers

December 09, 2020

Grout cement mixer with agitator is a combination of cement mixer and agitator, it is specially design for continuous cement mixing and grouting in ground and underground engineering.The cement grout mixer is mainly used in compounding the cement grout. Combine with grouting pump, it can grout with pressure in mining, tunnel, culvert, subway, hydropower engineering, underground excavation engineering etc. We also can design the mixer with agitator, to make the mixing work can continuously be done.

cement grout mixer with agitator

Wodetec is a cement grout mixer manufacturers for many years. We have developed own R&D and technician teams, which supports further development and customized service for clients. We control quality of cement grout mixer throughout the whole process strictly, and certified by ISO9001:2008, CE and SGS.

Wodetec Equipment produces a variety capacity range of colloidal cement mixer for grout. Standard mixers have 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 800L, 850L and 1500L. The mixing tank capacity can also be customized. As for power, electric motors and diesel engines for you to choose from - we have two basic types of mixers: vertical paddles, colloid mixers. Colloid mixers are purpose-built high-speed, diffuser-type centrifugal pumps for mixing fine grained slurries, such as bentonite, cement and fly ash. Water and materials are pumped through 1500-2000 RPM to break and reduce the particle size to achieve humidity for individual particles. All components are easy to operate, clean and maintain.

cement grout mixer with agitator

We are the cement factory, we can supply cement grout mixer customize according to your requirements. If you have any questions about the equipment, please contact us and we will provide you with the corresponding product parameters and quotations.So please tell us your demands on the grout mixer such as:

1. Cement mixer only or mixer with agitator?

2. How about the grouting liquid? Just water and cement? Any sand add in?

3. How about the water cement ratio? More than 0.45: 1?

4. What's the mixer capacity do you need, 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 800L, 850L and 1500L or more bigger?

5. Would you like the grout mixer with electric motor or diesel engine?

6. If want the cement with electric motor, what's the voltage at the worksite, 3 phase, 380v, 50HZ or other?

7. Do you have any requirement on the cement grout mixer color? Usually Gaodetec high speed cement grout mixer is yellow, blue, white, if you want other color, please tell us the color code.

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