Peristaltic pump for pumping foam concrete

April 29, 2020

Peristaltic pump for pumping foam concrete is specially designed for pumping foam concrete by Wodetec peristaltic pump manufacturer. It is mainly composed of pump casing, rotor, idler roller, idler roller, extrusion tube and drive unit. The squeeze hose in the pump room is U-shaped. When the rotor drives the drum to rotate, the hose deforms. After the drum rotates, the deformed hose will recover through its elasticity. Therefore, under the negative pressure of the hose, a negative pressure will be generated, which will attract the mud and be discharged through the outlet under the push of the roller, and finally form the pressure transmission of the foam concrete.

peristaltic pump for pumping foam concrete

Compared with the screw pump and the piston pump, the peristaltic pump is the best pump for conveying foam concrete. Its advantages are mainly reflected in:

First, the abrasiveness of peristaltic pump for pumping foam concrete is what we value most, and it is also the reason why designers choose peristaltic pump for pumping foam concrete as a strong industrial transportation. There is no valve for the design of peristaltic pump for pumping foam concrete. No need to seal the port, because there is no other media involved, only the hose belonging to the internal organization, high safety, the only part that contacts the medium is the inner cavity of the rubber hose, the rotor of the compression hose is completely independent of the medium In the pumping process, it will hardly damage the foam generated, so it can guarantee the good performance of the final foam concrete.

foam concrete

Second, the peristaltic pump for pumping foam concrete has particularly good self-priming ability, so that it can create a vacuum environment by itself, so for the transmission of liquid or gas, there will be no blocking flag bubbles or resistance, which affects the transmission speed, so for this This kind of self-priming ability is extremely advantageous for large-scale industrial transmission.


Thirdly, the high performance of peristaltic pump for pumping foam concrete is also reflected in its high sensitivity, which is mainly manifested in the high and uniform viscosity of the conveyance and the good shearing properties. It is invariant to the transmitted gas or liquid, and it is not degraded. Treatment. Such a functional setting is an advantage that cannot be ignored for liquids or gases that require high density.

peristaltic pump for foam concrete

Fourth, the structure of the peristaltic pump for pumping foam concrete is simple, and the production is relatively easy. The life and durability of the pump mainly depend on the elasticity and corrosion resistance of the tube. Its flow rate is related to the speed of the motor and the inner diameter of the tube. So the key is to choose the tube and the speed control mechanism. As long as the tube has a long enough life and the speed is stable, there is no problem in maintaining a long-term quantitative delivery of foam concrete.

peristaltic pump pumping foam concrete

In order to recommend a more suitable type of peristaltic pump to you, please let us know your requirements clearly:

1. What is our peristaltic pump project, is it used to pump concrete or other?

2. What pressure and output do you need?

3. What is the local voltage you need, the voltage here is 380V, 50HZ, 3 phases, is it ok?

4. The aggregate size in the largest slurry?


Once the above problems are determined, we will recommend the appropriate model and product quotation for you in the shortest time, please feel free to contact us, our email:

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