Swimming Pool Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine for Sale

April 28, 2020

Since the invention of shotcrete in 1911, the shotcrete process has been successfully used in various construction projects, including all types of residential and non-residential buildings. Shotcrete concrete can be applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces, and is particularly suitable for curved or thin concrete structures and shallow repairs. Other applications include swimming pools, granaries, fire-resistant structural steel, and many civil engineering structures, such as bridges, tunnels, dams, storage tanks, and retaining systems. After years of intensive research, Wodetec shotcrete machine manufacturers have improved on the basis of the original shotcrete machine, and have produced dozens of models of shotcrete machines to meet the different needs of shotcrete machines in various industries. Among them, swimming pool dry mix shotcrete machine is our best-selling product.

dry mix shotcrete machine for swimming pool

The spraying machine is mainly divided into wet spraying machine and dry spraying machine according to the different spraying process. Wodetec swimming pool dry mix shotcrete machine for sale is to use compressed air to transport concrete mixture or similar loose materials with a certain proportion through the pipeline and control the water mixing at the port to spray and condense and harden at high speed on the sprayed surface. Thereby forming a protective layer of material with a certain strength. Widely used in the spraying of foundation pits, slopes, tunnels, bridges, mines, blast furnaces, houses, swimming pools, etc., as well as the spraying of fire, moisture and impermeable materials in construction, railway, highway, hydropower, greening, mining and other projects


Wodetec swimming pool dry mix shotcrete machine for sale is designed for the spraying of concrete materials and waterproof and anti-seepage coatings in swimming pools. The most common underground manufacturing swimming pools on the market today are concrete swimming pools. Although there are various man-made pools (concrete pools, fiberglass pools and vinyl pools) on the market, concrete pools account for 60% of today's constructed pools.

So Wodetec has many of these shotcrete machines for you to choose from.

WZ-3 dry-mix shotcrete machine

dry mix shotcrete machine


WDS1500 shotcrete machine


shotcrete machine

Wodetec shotcrete machine is mainly used for ground construction, for example, swimming pool, rockery, foundation filling and other construction applications. In terms of displacement, we mainly have 3 cubic meters, 5 cubic meters and 9 cubic meters.

Advantages of swimming pool dry mix shotcrete machine for sale:

1. High quality and reliable performance.

2. Good sealing performance and less dust.

3. Reasonable design and easy to move.

4. Convenient operation and long service life.

5. The non-sticky straight-through rotor with a new material cavity completely eliminates the sticking and blocking during operation, thereby reducing the gap and maintenance cycle.

6. Adopt vortex fine flow conveying method, the spray flow is uniform, continuous and stable, which improves the quality of spraying.

7. Four-point clamping device, easy to adjust the pressure between the sealing plate and the rotor disk, thereby avoiding air and dusk leakage, and extending the service life of parts.

8. Widely used in mining, tunnels, culverts, bank protection, etc.


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