Hydraulic High Pressure Cement Mixing Grout Pump Plant

March 13, 2020

Wodetec is a manufacturer of grouting equipment in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. We provide a variety of cement mixing grout pump plants, grout mixers and agitators, and various grout pumps, including piston and plunger types.

compact grout plant

Hydraulic high pressure cement mixing grout pump plant is a hot product of Wodetec and is sold in many countries around the world. Hydraulic high pressure cement mixing grout pump plant is a complete set of equipment that combines a pulper, agitator and a grout pump to perform efficient and low-cost work, effectively reducing complex procedures and long-distance operations. The pulper performs high-speed pulp production and storage of similar materials such as cement slurry and then pumps the slurry directly to the construction connection point with a pump to complete uninterrupted pulping and grouting. The whole machine has a compact structure, convenient operation, and small space.

cement mixing grout pump plant

Features of hydraulic high pressure cement mixing grout pump plant:

1. Hydraulic high pressure cement mixing grout pump plant is compact and integrates a pulper, mixer, and grout pump

2. Possess low pressure, high pressure, and step-less speed regulation system

3. The hydraulic system of the grouting pump is composed of Yuken hydraulic components, etc.

4. Use squeeze valve to realize the function switch between mixer and pulper

5. The oil thermometer can automatically control the cooling fan to work in the normal temperature range. If the temperature is too high, the machine will automatically stop working.

6. Full hydraulic drive, motor or diesel engine as a power source

7. Operation and maintenance are relatively simple, safe and convenient.

Cement Grout Pump Plant under construction

Hydraulic high pressure cement mixing grout pump plant is mainly used in road and railway, hydro power, construction, mining, and other above-ground and underground engineering constructions. It can quickly mix water, cement, sand, bentonite, filler, clay, silicate and other media. Then the plunger-type grouting pump is used for grouting/grouting to achieve waterproof plugging, tunnel lining, strengthening foundations, rock layers, and filling voids. Hydraulic high pressure cement mixing grout pump plant has the advantages of compact structure, high grouting pressure, and wide application range. The design of our grouting system emphasizes user-friendly operation and easy maintenance. Enough technology is integrated to maximize efficiency without compromising ease of operation or maintenance.

Grout Pump Plant under construction

If you feel that our products are not suitable for your project, we can also provide customers with customized services and customize the cement mixing grout pump plant suitable for the local construction environment, voltage, and site according to customer needs to assist customers in completing the project. The customer proposes his own requirements, then the engineers of our professional R & D team design the project, communicate with the customer, and finally negotiate the solution approved by the customer, and after successful development, send it to the customer's location.


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