Peristaltic hose pumps for slurry

June 01, 2021

We are peristaltic hose pumps for slurry supplier and manufacturer for many years. The explosion proof peristaltic hose pump uses a copper impeller and an explosion-proof motor can play a good anti-explosion effect.

The peristaltic hose pumps for slurry also widely used in dangerous environments such as petroleum exploration, oil training, chemical industry, military industry, and dangerous places such as offshore oil platforms and tankers, and for scene lighting. Now peristaltic hose pump for sale is with best price, welcome to inquiry!

 Peristaltic hose pumps for slurry

Peristaltic hose pumps for slurry (also called peristaltic pumps, squeeze hose pumps, industrial hose pumps) work by squeezing the hose with rollers or sliders. The pump can run dry, self-priming and handle high viscosity, high wear media.

 Peristaltic hose pumps for slurry

Features of the peristaltic hose pumps for slurry:

1. Strong self-priming ability, clean water suction range up to 8m; used as a self-priming pump;

2. Unique structure, no seal, so there will be no leakage, no leakage self-priming pump in occasions with high site management requirements;

3. It can transport corrosive slurry pumps, sludge pumps, etc. containing a lot of particles, fibers or other impurities;

4. The medium has a low flow rate and no shearing force, which is especially suitable for conveying materials sensitive to shearing force;

5. It can transport high-viscosity media, as well as three-phase mixed media of gas, liquid and solid;

6. By adjusting the speed of the pump, the flow can be adjusted, while the outlet pressure of the pump is basically unchanged;

7. Change to different hose materials, which can be applied to different media.

Peristaltic hose pumps for slurry 

Scope of use of the peristaltic hose pumps for slurry:

The peristaltic hose pumps for slurry is especially suitable for corrosive media with high solid content and high viscosity, and has self-priming performance. It is used in smelting (gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tin, nickel, cobalt, manganese), phosphorus Compound fertilizer, titanium dioxide, rare earth, desulfurization, environmental protection, water treatment, papermaking, paint and other industries have a wide range of applications.If you are interested the peristaltic pump, please contact us!

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