Best concrete wet spraying machine suppliers from China

December 18, 2018

Where to find one best wet concrete spraying machine suppliers in China? Wodetec is your best choice for supply wet concrete spaying machine in China.

WPS-7A is leadcrete developed one new concrete wet spraying machine in 2017. The wet spraying machine use hydraulic pumping S valve structure, two oil cylinders reciprocating motion. The wet concrete spraying machine output could be adjustable continuously, also with self-lubrication system to automatic lubrication for main sealing parts to lengthen wearing parts working life.

Zhengzhou Wode Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 

WPS-7A wet concrete spraying machine mainly used for wet concrete spraying in mine, tunnel, culvert, metro, hydropower engineering, underground construction, slope protection etc. for the WPS-7A wet spraying concrete machine, the output is 5-8m3/h adjustable, Max. pressure 80bar, max. vertical conveying distance is 80m, max. horizontal conveying distance is 200m, acceptable max. aggregate size is 20mm, please check the wet concrete spraying machine technical data sheet for more information.

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