Grouting injection machine available in Qatar

December 19, 2018

Grouting usually is defined as an injection under pressure of fluid material into fractures and cavities in rock, soil or artificial structures. Such as dam grouting, underground constructions grouting, foundations injection and grouting. Constructions grouting, etc. At the same time, grouting methods could be divided into compaction grouting (displacement), cement grouting (Intrusion), chemical grouting (Permeation), jet grouting (replacement).

Grouting injection machine available in Qatar

As for the grouting injection machine, high pressure injection grouting pump and low pressure injection grouting pump. High grouting pressure increases the gouted volume and breaks up weak parts, strengthens and seals of the weakness. And lower pressure grouting do not use excessive pressure in the grouting process to avoid doing further damage to the structure by widening existing crakes. Usually high pressre grouting injection pump and low pressure grouting pump are choosed based on the project doing.

Grouting injection machine available in Qatar

Grouting injection machine including the grout mixer, grout agitator and grout pump. Mixer, agitator and pump all on one base fame, so as called grout plant or grout station are also provided. WGM80/50 PLD-E double plunger hydraulic grouting injection machine is the hot selling grouting machine. Double Plungers and acting, and the plunger is sealed by a simple maintenance-free seal. Grouting injection machine set the standard for low-wear, easy to maintain plunger type injection and transfer pumps. With delivery pressure levels from 0 to 50 bars and flow rates up to 80 L/min. 

This grout injection pump cover a broad range of applications. The standard gravity ball valves allow aggregates up to 8 mm to pass and are at the same time easy to clean. All models include pressure and flow control valves, which make it possible to limit the maximum pumping pressure and flow in the case of delicate formations.

Grouting injection machine also be also used in Qatar, for pumping of backfill mortar behind tunnel liners, grouting in the soil, earth foundation stabilization, waterproofing, tunnel lining, underwater foundations, bridge decks, deep well casing, slope line grouting, etc. Grouting injection machine Qatar flow and pressure could be customize produced according to projects request.

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