What is the relationship between peristaltic pump and hose pump?

September 28, 2018


The peristaltic pump is also called a hose pump. It uses a rotating roller to squeeze the hose to transport the liquid. Since the liquid only flows in the hose, there is no contact with the pump head, no cross-contamination, and high conveying precision and shearing action. Small, so it is widely used in chemical, environmental protection, scientific research, pharmaceutical, beverage, food, printing and other fields.

A peristaltic pump is a section of the pump tube between the two rollers that forms a "pillow" shaped fluid. The volume of the "pillow" depends on the inner diameter of the pump tube and the geometry of the rotor. The flow rate depends on the product of the speed of the pump head and the size of the "pillow" and the number of "pillows" produced per revolution of the rotor. The size of the "pillow" is generally constant (except when pumping a particularly viscous fluid).

The peristaltic pump consists of three parts: the drive, the pump head and the hose. The fluid is isolated in the pump tube, the pump tube can be quickly replaced, the fluid can be reversed, the machine can be run dry, and the maintenance cost is low, which constitutes the main competitive advantage of the peristaltic pump.

Most peristaltic pumps have the following advantages:

1、No pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube and does not touch the pump body.

2、high precision: repeatability, high stability accuracy

3、low shear force: is the ideal tool for transporting shear sensitive and aggressive fluids

4、good sealing: has a good self-priming ability, can be idling, can prevent backflow

5、simple maintenance: no valve and seals have two-way flow capacity

The most important advantage is that no damage to any part of the pump can result in a vacuum of up to 98% without liquid empty operation; without valves, mechanical seals and packing seals, there is no such leakage and maintenance. Factors; can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed phase fluid, allowing the diameter of solids contained in the fluid to reach 40% of the inner diameter of the tubular element; can transport a variety of materials with abrasive, corrosive, oxygen sensitive properties and various foods; Only the hose is a part that needs to be replaced, and the replacement operation is extremely simple; the product delivered is not in contact with any part except the hose.

The unique advantages of the hose pump produced by Zhengzhou Wode include: reversibility can be forward or reverse steering, no seal, no valve, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, all transport media are only in contact with the hose, High suction self-priming, 1% repeatability, easy to clean, no damage to empty operation, peristaltic tube is the only part of consumption.

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