The refractory mixer mixing technology features

November 07, 2018


The refractory mixer (vertical shaft type) completely adopts the scientific mixing concept. Compared with the same material ratio and the same feeding timing, the stirring efficiency of the planetary vertical shaft mixer is obviously improved.

Refractory mixer technology device

Stirring device: The stirring arm is driven by the stirring system to rotate the body. The two stirring blades on the mixing arm quickly run the mixing material in the mixing drum. The side scraper and the bottom scraper are mounted on the transmission box body, and the side scraper and the bottom scraper rotate together with the speed reduction casing body, and the side scraper blades can scrape off the material attached to the inner wall of the mixer drum, and the bottom scraper blade can accelerate the unloading speed. .

The mixing arm and the scraper arm are made of alloy steel; it is guaranteed to have sufficient elasticity, toughness and strength, and is safe, reliable and durable. The mixing blade and the scraper blade are made of high-strength, hardness, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials; the material has no defects and has a long service life.

Movement track: The agitating motion trajectory of the refractory mixer is a non-dead angle trajectory curve with high mixing efficiency and high mixing homogeneity, which is summarized on the basis of years of painstaking research and field test. The rotation of the trajectory of the refractory mixer is obtained by superimposing the rotation of the revolution and the output agitation. This process belongs to the speed increasing mode. The stirring is fast and labor-saving. The trajectory curve belongs to the layer progressive and increasingly dense structure, so the homogeneity is high. (high mixing uniformity) and high mixing efficiency.

Refractory mixer features:

1. The transmission of the planetary mixer has excellent performance advantages, compact structure, low noise, high torque, superior performance, stable and reliable, long service life and less maintenance.

2. The reinforced refractory mixer's original integrated two-way rotating vertical planetary gear reducer mechanism has high transmission efficiency. The two sets of counter-flow and downstream wear-resistant protective sleeves are equipped with a two-way hyperboloid design.

3. The vertical installation of the refractory mixer makes the stirring arm rotate while doing the revolution. The moving blade of the stirring blade is complicated, the stirring movement is strong, the stirring efficiency is high, and the mixing quality is uniform.

4. When the planetary mixer is unloading, the discharge door can be switched by pneumatic or hydraulic means. The number of discharge doors can be up to three, and a special sealing device is designed on the discharge door to ensure that the seal is firm. And reliable control.

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