The difference and advantages of wet concrete spraying machine and dry concrete spraying machine

February 03, 2021

Dry concrete spraying machine is a method of mixing cement, sand and stones evenly in a dry state. It is used for compressed air to deliver materials to the nozzle and mixed with pressure water for spray irrigation. This method must be operated by skilled personnel and the particle size is not suitable If it is too large, the amount of cement is relatively large, but because of the high injection speed, dust pollution and rebound are more serious, so the use is restricted.

  classification of concrete spraying machine

Advantages of dry concrete spraying machine:

1. The air volume can be controlled in time to ensure the continuity of concrete materials and additives. 2. The feed inlet is enlarged, the processing volume per unit time is large, and the output is also increased.

3. Equipped with a polymer elastic material cavity, which eliminates the adhesion and blockage of the machine and improves the construction efficiency.

4. The wearing parts have a long replacement cycle and are made of special materials to make them highly wear-resistant.

5. The whole machine has good sealing performance, strong performance, high construction efficiency and less working time.


 classification of concrete spraying machine

The wet concrete spraying machine sends the mixed concrete to the nozzle through the conveying pump, and compresses the air at the outlet of the conveying pump, so that the material and air can be fully integrated in the pipeline, so that the sprayed material is more uniform. And accelerate the coagulant at the nozzle, so that the material can be solidified quickly and reduce the rebound rate. And the combination of materials is easy to control, and the work efficiency is higher than that of dry spraying.

Advantages of wet concrete spraying machine:

1. Reduce the dust concentration beside the machine and outside the nozzle to a certain extent, reduce the harm to workers' health, and improve the working environment.

 2. Wet spraying machine has higher operating efficiency and faster construction speed than dry spraying machine.

3. Low resilience. Using concrete wet spraying machine for wet spraying, the rebound rate can be reduced to less than 10%.

4. During wet spraying, since the water-cement ratio is easy to control and the degree of concrete hydration is high, it can greatly improve the quality of sprayed concrete and improve the homogeneity of concrete

Sex, good spray effect.

5. The operation of wet spraying machine is less manpower, simple operation and convenient to use.

  classification of concrete spraying machine

The procurement and selection of wet concrete spraying machine and dry concrete spraying machine depends on the construction situation of the customer. Only by selecting the appropriate spraying machine according to the project details can a good construction effect be obtained and work efficiency can be improved. It can be widely used in iron (public ) Bolting and shotcrete support for road tunnels, mine shafts and underground projects, especially with the performance of wet shot and dry shot in the body, so that you can choose at will according to the construction requirements to obtain the desired effect.

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