500kg and one ton capacity refractory pan mixer for sale

February 02, 2021

Refractory mixer for sale is an indispensable equipment for the refractory industry such as ceramics, caustic soda, silicon carbide alumina, quartz powder, graphite, boron carbide, etc. It is mainly used for mixing refractory raw materials and mixing various components of raw materials evenly for refractory materials. The needs of product production. The mixer has a simple structure, good sealing performance, no dust pollution, convenient and safe operation. The transmission system adopts a new structure, does not need special lubrication equipment, has good rigidity, stable and reliable operation, low noise, long service life, easy replacement of wearing parts and convenient maintenance. It has been evaluated by the same peers in the country and filled the domestic gap.

500kg and one ton capacity refractory pan mixer for sale

The transmission of the mixing device of the refractory mixer is connected to the upper flange by a vertical motor with a reducer, and the upper flange is connected to the mixing device to complete the rotation. Before working, first start the motor to make the mixing blade rotate for one minute, and it runs normally. Mixing material can be added to the feed port, and the water adding device is also opened at the same time, and a certain amount of water (about 5% of the raw material) is evenly sprayed into the material. Because the mixing blade is equipped with an inner shovel arm, an outer shovel arm, and an outer scraper, The inner scraper makes the mixture rotate in the cylinder, and the mixture is forcedly stirred to form a uniform mixture; at this time, the unloading device opens the unloading door manually, electric or pneumatically, and the uniform mixture is moved by the inner and outer arms The scraper is removed from the cylinder, and then the discharge door of the discharge device is closed again to complete an operation cycle.

500kg and one ton capacity refractory pan mixer for sale

The transmission device adopted by the disc mixer has excellent performance advantages, compact structure, low noise, high torque, superior performance, stable and reliable, long service life of parts and low maintenance.

2. The original one-piece two-way rotating vertical planetary gear reducer mechanism of the refractory mixer has high transmission efficiency. There are two sets of countercurrent and downstream mixing arms with wear-resistant protective sleeves. The mixing blades are two-way hyperboloid design.

3. The vertical installation of the refractory mixer makes the stirring arm rotate while revolving. The movement track of the stirring blade driven by this is complicated, the stirring movement is strong, the stirring efficiency is high, and the stirring quality is uniform.

4. When the disc mixer is unloading, the discharge door can be opened and closed by pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. The number of discharge doors can be up to three, and a special sealing device is designed on the discharge door to ensure its sealing Firm and reliable control.

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