Small portable concrete pumping machine

August 17, 2021

The small portable concrete pumping machine is the latest construction equipment mounted on an under frame that can be used by towing a concrete pump through a pipeline. The portable concrete pumping machine  has the ability to pump long-distance skyscrapers. Flexible pipeline arrangement allows concrete to be transported to construction sites. Small portable concrete pumping machine has the advantages of stable construction, high efficiency, high quality, low cost and low environmental pollution. Small concrete pumping machine are widely used in the construction of concrete construction projects such as modern cities, airports, roads, beams, water saving, electricity and energy. With advances in science and technology and the application of new materials and new processes, small concrete pumps are moving towards high pressure, large displacement, high efficiency, energy saving intelligence, and integrated hydraulic control.

 Small portable concrete pumping machine

 Small concrete pumping machine mainly uses the pressure of concrete pumps to transport concrete to the injection site via a pipeline. Small concrete pumps are mainly used in the process of concrete transportation, but we need to pay attention to stability during use. Maintenance and repair work can only be performed if the engine of the small concrete pump is stopped and the legs are fixed. Before servicing the small concrete pump, it is necessary to stop the pressure on the accumulator.

 Small portable concrete pumping machine

Reasons for blockage of portable concrete pumping machine:

1) The sand content is too low, the gradation of coarse aggregate, and the selection of additives are unreasonable.

2) The amount of cement is too low or too high. If the amount of cement is too low, the water retention of the concrete will deteriorate, and bleeding segregation and pipe clogging will occur easily. Too much cement will increase the viscosity of the concrete and increase transport resistance.

3) Segregation of concrete and mortar, scratches on the bottom plate, local leaks, and inadequate sealing of fittings can cause pipe clogging.

4) The concrete mixture has less slump (dry stickiness. If the slump is too small, forcibly pumping will make the pipe more prone to clogging.

5) Use of single particle size stones and too much needle flake content of more stones, pump pipelines are small in diameter and easy to block pipes.

 Small portable concrete pumping machine

6) The pressure of the portable concrete pumping machine is insufficient or the pipeline is not tightly sealed.

7) The operator's energy is not concentrated, the pump speed is unreasonable, and the rest of the material is not properly controlled.

8) If the shutdown time is too long, foreign matter in the pipe will not be completely removed.

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