Shotcrete machine wet for tunnel

May 13, 2021

The advantages of the dry spraying process are simplicity, durability, and low cost of use, but it has many obvious defects, such as poor quality control of shotcrete, low productivity, high rebound rate during construction, large material loss, and easy environmental pollution.The advantages of wet spraying are high productivity, high quality control, no dust, low rebound rate and easier control of the water-cement ratio when mixing concrete. In contrast, the wet spraying process inevitably occupies the dominant position of the tunnel concrete spraying process.

 Shotcrete machine wet for tunnel

Shotcrete machine wet for tunnel is mainly used in engineering construction in railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, subways, mine tunnels, military facilities, various underground construction and emergency rescue and other fields. The basic process is to use hydraulic pressure to transport the ready-mixed concrete to the spray gun through the pipeline, connect compressed air and quick-setting admixture to the nozzle of the spray gun, and then spray the concrete to the sprayed surface at high speed.

 Shotcrete machine wet for tunnel

The wet shotcrete machine for tunnel cleaning:

(1) At the end of each work, all pipes and pumps must be cleaned with funnels and piston cylinders.

(2) Open the lower door of the pump hopper, clean the concrete in the funnel, close the lower door, fill with water, and drain the cleaning ball into the pipe until the cleaning ball and clean water flow out.

(3) Remove all pipes and flush them with water until they are clean.

(4) It is usually necessary to dispose of the end cap with the same size as the sprinkler, remove the connecting elbow, open the air source, so that the concrete in the pipeline can be sprayed from the front end with pressure wind, add water to the pipeline, add water to the pipeline pump, and add Clean the ball, loosen the seal, and rinse repeatedly (this method must ensure that the surrounding staff are at a safe distance).

(5) Open the drain door, flush with water, start the reverse pump switch, flush the outlet with water, and clean the pump S swing pipe.

Preparation work before starting the shotcrete machine wet:

The concrete must meet the regulations and the particle size should not exceed 15mm.

 Shotcrete machine wet for tunnel

2. The aggregate must be sieved before mixing. Sieving large stones with a particle size greater than 15mm from the coarse aggregate. Pay attention to check whether there is no foreign matter in the coarse aggregate and fine aggregate, such as bolts, glass, iron wire, iron sheet, etc.

3. Check the hopper to ensure that there are no slender foreign objects such as ironware, wrenches, and iron wires.

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