Injection grouting pump machine for sale

May 12, 2021

The composite material generates binding force and friction force on the contact surface due to soil deformation, promotes the drawing of steel bars, plays a common role, and improves soil stability and bearing capacity. This type of composite material can also increase the ductility of soil damage and contribute to safe construction. The displacement of the soil composite wall is very small, and the test is usually carried out at 20 mm. The equipment is simple, the soil nails are short, and the drilling and grouting are simple. Excellent economic benefits, easy to spread. Good coordination with the excavation of earth and the implementation of flow operations can shorten the construction period.

 Injection grouting pump machine for sale


In this project, the injection grouting pump machine for sale is used to grouting rock nails, and a small volume, reliable mobile grouting pump is selected for the bolt grouting nails, and the pressure grout output must meet the construction requirements.

The injection grouting pump machine for sale is designed and manufactured for grouting methods such as infiltration grouting, compression grouting, backfill grouting, curtain grouting and high pressure split grouting.

Features of injection grouting pump machine:

1. Compact structure, light weight, easy operation and low maintenance cost.

2. With a digital display counter: it can be displayed at any time, and can accumulate working time.

3. The flow and pressure can be adjusted steplessly.

4. Equipped with emergency unloading valve: in an emergency, you can unload immediately.

5. Under low pressure, the flows of the two pumps converge. Under high pressure, the pump has only one job. Low pressure and large flow, high pressure and low output;

6. Full hydraulic shaft device, stable and reliable operation.

7. Cooling method: water cooling and air cooling. Suitable for hot and cold areas.

 Injection grouting pump machine for sale


Matters needing attention when using injection grouting pump machine:

1. Before starting to use the injection grouting pump machine, please test the pump with clean water first, observe the operation of the grouting pump, and perform the grouting operation after the grouting pump returns to normal. Common problems are improper connection of the air pipe and the inability of the grout pump to suck and discharge the grout.

2. The connection method between the injection grouting pump machine and the air duct in the well must be prepared. When using a quick connector for connection, the quick connector (usually φ25mm) must be welded to the air inlet of the grouting pump. When using a horse tooth connection, please pay attention to the diameter of the underground air pipe to match the diameter of the inlet of the grout pump.

Injection grouting pump machine for sale

3. Before connecting the air pipe, push in and discharge the air, and then spray the water in the air pipe clean. Then, to avoid the dirty water in the air pipe from being damaged, please use a grouting pump to inject the soil nails of the rock bolt.

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