Refractory mixing equipment 500kg

May 11, 2021

The refractory mixing equipment 500kg is a new generation mixer developed on the basis of traditional refractory mixing equipment and after years of practical experience. It is a mixer for mixing refractory materials, plastic concrete, mortar, slag, paint, castables, silicate products, etc. to mix dry, semi-dry, wet or jelly materials. The 500kg refractory mixing equipment for sale can also be equipped with a bucket The type hoist saves labor, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. The mixer is widely used in the steel industry, refractory industry, and construction industry. Now 500kg refractory mixing equipment for sale has become a new generation of mixing equipment in the refractory industry. Our factory can customize and process mixers that meet the requirements of customers.

 Refractory mixing equipment 500kg

The working principle of the refractory mixing equipment 500kg: By pressing the start button of the power distribution cabinet, the refractory mixing equipment is connected to the power supply, and the motor drives the mixing arm to move in a circular motion through the cycloid reducer. After the operation is normal, add the materials to the mixing drum, and under the stirring of the mixing shovel of the mixer, make the materials tumbling up and down, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing and mixing.

 Refractory mixing equipment 500kg

Refractory mixing equipment 500kg operation instructions:

1. Preparations before starting: check whether there are sundries in the mixing drum. Check whether the bolts in each part are loose. Whether the reducer oil is sufficient. Check whether the scraper is loose and the angle is correct. Power supply. Whether the wire is leaking;

2. Startup: Clear all the materials in the disk, make sure that it is empty and then start the power supply (the machine is strictly prohibited to start after loading the material). Start the machine, listen to whether there is any abnormal sound, and add materials in strict accordance with the regulations;

3. Shutdown: Stop the 500kg refractory mixing equipment for sale after the materials in the pan are finished. Clean up the remaining materials in the pan (this machine is equipped with remote control command or manual operation, which is safer and more convenient to use).

 Refractory mixing equipment 500kg

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