Refractory mixture machine for sale

March 12, 2021

The refractory mixture machine for sale has a compact design and full functionality. The refractory mixture machine is equipped with powerful performance and powerful operating technology, incorporating new technologies to accelerate the advancement and intelligence of scientific instruments. The refractory mixture machine for sale can be freely placed at each production line position, and this equipment helps to optimize the production and processing of refractory materials. The refractory mixture machine for sale is equipped with wear-resistant and pressure-resistant components to extend the application cycle of the equipment and improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

 refractory mixture machine for sale

The use of refractory mixture machine has overturned the traditional method of manufacturing refractory materials, and increased production height due to production efficiency and accuracy. The refractory mixture machine can ensure that there are no uneven mixing or proportional deviations in the castable manufacturing process, basically product quality, dust contamination, equipment noise reduction, high working efficiency, and during the manufacturing process.

Features of the refractory mixture machine for sale:

1. Convenient installation and replacement: Comes with an entire liner that is convenient for replacement and installation and reduces after-sales service.

2. Reduction of maintenance: Super wear resistance significantly reduces the frequency of maintenance, saving cost and labor.

3. Reinforced gearbox is individually designed for high-strength working conditions, with more reliable performance and longer life.

4. Reasonable mixing structure design makes mixing more complete and consumes less energy.

5. Special mixing tool design allows for uniform mixing of different materials.

refractory mixture machine for sale

When we use the refractory mixture machine for sale, we should remember the following things:

1. If you mix the refractory mixture machine for sale with water, you need to use a clean water source. Water sources used in coastal areas should be used after inspection so that the chloride ion concentration does not exceed 300 mg /.

2. The refractory mixture machine must be of sufficient hardness and strength, the size of the support mold must be exactly the same, and deformation during construction must be prevented.

3. The refractory mixture machine for sale must be mixed with a forced mixer. The mixing time and the amount of water added should be carried out according to the construction instructions. If you change the grade or brand of refractory material, you should thoroughly clean the mixer before use.

4. The fireproof castable must be poured within 30 minutes or within the time specified according to the construction instructions, do not use the first solidified castable.

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