Peristalitc hose pump for oil sludge

March 11, 2021

The peristaltic hose pump for oil sludge is a kind of peristaltic pump. The elastomer tube is compressed along its length by a roller that pushes the fluid contained inside. Restoration of the tube after squeezing creates a vacuum that continuously draws fluid into the tube. This creates a gentle pumping action that does not damage the product.

Contamination is avoided because the liquid is contained in the tube. The peristaltic hose pump for oil sludge employs a rotor fitted with rollers that continuously compress and occlude part of the tube.This action allows the fluid to move through the tube at a constant displacement rate with each rotation of the rotor, allowing accurate measurement of the amount of fluid pumped into the tube.

  peristaltic hose pump for oil sludge

The peristaltic hose pump for oil sludge, also called a hose pump, is a rotor type positive displacement pump. It consists of a peristaltic pump driver, a pump head, and a hose. A liquid supply device that can control the flow rate. Of these parts, hoses are made of elastic materials such as rubber and multi-layer composites, and the rest are rigid metal parts.

  peristaltic hose pump for oil sludge

The peristaltic hose pump for oil sludge is like squeezing a hose with two fingers to deliver liquid.

The peristaltic hose pump for oil sludge operating principle: Rotating wheels are used to rotate flexible hoses. The liquid in the hose moves as the wheel rotates, much like squeezing the hose with two fingers. When you move your finger, the liquid will flow with it.

As the rotor rotates, multiple rollers squeeze alternately, releasing the pump efficiency produced by the elastic hose. The squeezed fluid in the tube produces a flow output, and when the pressure is removed, the tube relies on its own elasticity to return to its original shape, increasing in volume, creating a vacuum and sucking the fluid. The cycle continues.

  peristaltic hose pump for oil sludge

The peristaltic hose pump for oil sludge has the following advantages:

1. Reversibility

2. No seal, no valve

3. Abrasion resistance

4. Corrosion resistance

5. Self-priming with high suction power

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